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Amtrol Expansion Tanks

Amtrol Expansion Tanks LogoCarotek distributes Amtrol commercial products throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. Amtrol commercial HVAC products include offerings for plumbing and domestic hot water, hydronic heating and chilled water, fire protection, and pump systems. With headquarters and manufacturing in the United States, Amtrol is known worldwide as a producer of the highest quality expansion tanks on the market.

Amtrol Product Types

Carotek distributes Amtrol commercial products for a variety of applications in hydronic systems, potable and non-potable water systems, and fire suppression. All Amtrol tanks and other products are made in the United States in ISO 9001:2008 registered facilities.

Plumbing & Domestic Hot Water

Amtrol specializes in tanks and other products for commercial plumbing and hot water applications.

  • Therm-X-Trol thermal expansion tanks protect commercial water heaters and fixtures by controlling pressure in closed, potable hot water systems. They range from 2 to 528 gallons, up to 300 PSIG, and partial or full acceptance bladder in both ASME and non-ASME designs .
  • City pressure boosters increase city water pressure up to 50 PSIG in multi-family dwellings.
  • Premier water heaters are indirect fired water heaters suitable for commercial applications, featuring high output heat exchangers up to 400,000 BTUH. These heaters allow rapid recovery to meet high demands.
  • Diatrol shock & surge suppressors are ASME tanks with replaceable bladders, designed to eliminate water hammer and absorb pressure surges in potable hot and cold water systems.
  • Water hammer arrestors include the Mini-trol arrestor, with no mechanical parts or seals, to eliminate water hammer from fast-acting valves, and the Diatrol arrestor, which has a bladder for reliable protection.

Amtrol Water Hammer Suppression Tanks  Amtrol Buffer Tanks

Hydronic Heating & Chilled Water

Hydronic Expansion TanksAmtrol hydronic and chilled water products are designed to increase efficiency of non-potable, closed HVAC systems.

  • Extrol hydronic expansion tanks effectively maintain positive pressure in closed hydronic heating systems. These tanks range in size from 8 to 3963 gallons, and up to 300 PSIG ASME certified.
  • Air separators separate and remove entrained air from fluids by creating a low velocity vortex.
  • Air & dirt separators remove both entrained air and dirt particles from fluids in closed loop, heating and chilled water systems.
  • Buffer tanks add capacity to improve temperature control for chilled or hot water applications, reduce cycling, and provide consistent operation.
  • Compression tanks offer maximum pressures of 125 and 150 PSIG and maximum operating temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


Fire Protection

Amtrol Fire Sprinkler System Expansion TanksFire-X-Trol sprinkler system expansion tanks are designed to accommodate a higher volume of system fluids due to temperature changes, and thereby prevent fire protection systems from being damaged. These expansion tanks are designed for use with water, glycerin, or propylene glycol.

Surge-Trol sprinkler system surge tanks absorb surges from pump start-up and shut-down, with a replaceable bladder that eliminates the expense of replacing tanks.

Pump Systems

Amtrol Well Pressure Tanks Well-X-Trol pressure tanks are pre-pressurized potable water well tanks with a diaphragm, full acceptance bladder, or partial acceptance bladder. These tanks are used with municipal well systems or high pressure booster pumps to assure minimum pump run time and reduce surge.

Guardian CP digital controls operates jet pumps and submersible pumps and protects them from problems like faulty wiring, rapid cycling, and low water.

How Are Expansion Tanks Used?

In a closed loop heating system or cool water HVAC system, expansion tanks limit pressure by absorbing fluid as it expands. By using compressed air, an expansion tank maintains system pressures, accepting and expelling the changing volume of water as it cools and heats. Proper sizing ensures that the system will not exceed critical pressure limits.

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