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Additional Municipal Manufacturers

Water and Wastewater Management is a highly specialized field and for those particular needs,  we offer specialized products from  Filter Magic & Syneco.

Filter Magic

  • Filter Magic is a universal, simple, reliable and low-cost Gravity Filter Control System perfect for retrofit solutions or new construction that can reduce the cost of installation by as much as 60%.
  • Product lines: Our systems include state-of-the-art dual filter control consoles, simple straight-forward easy to install Actuator Sensor-Interface (AS-I) bus network technology and high quality ling-life pneumatic vane actuators.  Electric actuator options are also available. 
  • Filter Magic® is completely scalable from a micro 2 filter waster or wastewater treatment plant to a major facility with 40 or more filters. Filter Magic® is designed to make all Gravity Filter Control Systems a simple, reliable, low-cost solutions instead of a unique integrated and complicated control system. 
  • Representative: Since 2015
  • Territory: VA


  • Syenco Systems founded in 1983 is a manufacturer of odor control equipment for the municipal water and wastewater industry and the industrial wastewater industry
  • Product lines: Dry air Peacemaker®, Dry-air scrubbers, odor control manhole inserts, odor control vent filters, Persnickety® media, biological inoculant and chemicals
  • Representative.  Partner for Over 10 years
  • Carotek has highly trained staff to assist in the optimal selection of odor control equipment
  • Territory: NC, SC

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