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Gems Sensors, Michell Instruments, Greyline

Instrumentation lines have so many specialties,  Carotek tries to offer the widest selection possible for your process system needs.    Gems Sensors,  Greyline Instruments, and Michell Instruments combine with all of our instrumentation manufacturers to give you the choices you need.


Gems Sensors & Controls

Gems Sensor logo

  • Subsidiary of Fortive
  • Gems designs a broad portfolio of liquid level, flow switches and pressure sensors for fluid systems
  • Product lines: Level, Flow and Pressure Sensors
  • Master Distributor
  • Carotek has staff with engineering expertise and technical support to quickly identify the best solution for your application.
  • Territory: NC, SC, VA, GA, TN

Gems Sensors and Controls



Greyline Instruments

Greyline Instruments Logo

  • Greyline is a worldwide leader in ultrasonic instrumentation for industrial and environmental markets, especially water and wastewater treatment systems.
  • Product lines: Industrial and Environmental flow and level monitoring instruments including ultrasonic level transmitters, flow meters and open channel flow meters
  • Representative
  • Carotek can assist with your applications in municipal and industrial applications.
  • Territory: VA


Michell Instruments

Michell Instruments logo

  • Michell Instruments is a worldwide leader in the field of moisture and humidity measurement solutions. With over 30 years experience, Michell designs and manufactures a wide range of transmitters, instruments and system solutions capable of measuring dew-point, humidity and oxygen in a vast range of applications and industries ranging from compressed air, power generation, process, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and many more
  • Service offered:  Michell has a unique return policy for their products.  Call us to learn more
  • Territory: NC, SC, VA, GA

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