Viking Pump-1124A-BXB-1224A-BXB Internal Gear Pump

VKNG-BXB-1124A-1224A MFG #: BXB-1124A-1224A
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  • States: GA, NC, SC, TN
  • Summary: Viking's latest pump solution for Boxboard plants. 1124A-BXB Series® for Starch Adhesive. 1224A-BXB Series® for Hot Wax.
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Introducing the 1124A-BXB and 1224A-BXB Series™ from Viking Pump.

These series are the latest in a line of internal gear pumps featuring the O-Pro® barrier seal and are specifically designed for the boxboard - or corrugated cardboard industries.

1124A-BXB for Starch

The 1124A-BXB Series® features the O-Pro® Barrier seal with FKM O-rings, carbon graphite bushings and extra clearances to accomodate typical starch adhesive viscosities. The O-Pro Barrier is resilient to pressure spikes and start-ups that are typical modes of failure for mechanical seals.

1224A-BXB Series® for Hot Wax

The 1224A-BXB Series® includes a jacketed bracket and head to keep wax in liquid form. Other features include the O-Pro Barrier seal with FKM O-rings and carbon graphite bushings.

Designed with the O-Pro® barrier seal

By integrating the O-Pro® barrier seal - BXB Series™ pumps have best-in-class sealing ability.  They prevent leakage, simplify maintenance, reduce downtime, are tolerant of unexpected pressure spikes, and prevent start-up issues after an extended shutdown.

Two inner dynamic o-rings, two outer static o-rings, and a lubrication barrier keep process liquid in the pump and the mess - off the floor. And by replacing the bracket bushing - there are fewer wear components - simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime.

Pressure spikes can be a common occurrence in starch kitchen applications - the O-Pro® seal has the ability to withstand those spikes and keep your pump from a catastrophic seal failure.

Mechanically sealed pumps also face challenges after a long shutdown. The starch process liquids tend to set up and seal faces stick - causing a failure. The O-Pro® barrier seal - with no seal faces - can handle a startup after an extended shutdown so you don't have any surprises on Monday morning.

BXB Series Features

1124A-BXB and 1224A-BXB Series™ pumps also have other important (non-O-Pro®) features that include:

  •  A hardened steel shaft that is built to last - further reducing the chance of downtime
  • Special clearances to accommodate viscosity fluctuations and minimize shear
  • The pump construction is compatible with regular flushing liquids - which simplifies day-to-day maintenance

For various boxboard applications including starch, starch adhesives, and wax processing - Viking Pump has the proven solution. Prevent leakage…reduce wear and maintenance...and protect from seal failure with the new 1124A-BXB and 1224A-BXB Series™.

Viking Pump BXB 1124A and 1224A Specifications



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Corrugated Cardboard

Starch Processing

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