Iwaki AODD Pumps

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  • Summary: Carotek is a stocking distributor in Georgia for IWAKI Air AODD pumps from ¼ to 3” in metallic and nonmetallic, with all common ball/diaphragm materials.  IWAKI Air Pumps are “Built for Power, Built to Last”.
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Manufactured in Japan under stringent ISO 9001 Ver. 2008 standards, virtually all the parts are made in house - even their own resins - thus ensuring the highest quality control standards. These pumps are built for power. Higher capacity means the pump can operate with less air pressure compared with many competitor’s pumps – often outperforming pumps that may have a higher listed flow rate.

Iwaki AODD Pump Features

Looped C-Spool Air Valve : Revolutionary new spring design uses stronger, light-weight material for a smoother stroke with less wear and tear of all spool components.Lube-free Operation : Clean, environmentally friendly design is engineered without the need for lubrication. Lube-free operation extends the life of all air motor parts.Independent and Modular Pilot Valve : Industry-leading pilot valve system design is fully independent and virtually non-wearing. Static seals are dirt and moisture resistant. Pilot valve and springs are made from high tensile stainless steel that will not bend or rust. Faster cycles with shorter strokes will extend diaphragm life.Large Diameter Ports : Oversized ports allow air contamination to pass through the pump eliminating blockages and freezing.Reduced Pump Stalling : The unique new Looped C-Spool greatly reduces pump stalling. They are able to run dry, self-prime and dead-head without damaging the pump.Resists Freezing : Compressed air expands gradually through our innovative staged air chamber exhaust system to reduce freezing. Large air port design allows contaminated air to pass through the pump and out the exhaust.

Iwaki Featured Products

Iwaki Air Pump - 152 series

The TC-X152 pump is designed to offer exceptional flow rates, high chemical resistance, improved leak prevention and increased reliability. The TC-X152 series offer excellent flow rates, low air consumption and solids handling capabilities. Featuring new Looped C™ Air Motor Technology (patent pending).
Maximum Flow Rate: 15.8 GPM (60 LPM)Maximum Discharge Head: 230 FT (70 m)Available in: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Pure Polypropylene & PVDF (Kynar®)Spool Valve type: C-Spring valve

Iwaki Air Pump - 500 Series

TC-X500 Series pumps offer excellent flow rates and a new heavy duty and compact body design. They can operate at variable air pressures and are suited for both start/stop and fully continuous duty pumping applications. They can easily handle high head pressure and long discharge lines.
Maximum Flow Rate: 190.2 GPM (720 LPM)Maximum Discharge Head: 280 FT (85 m)Available in: Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Polypropylene & PVDFSpool Valve type: Coil Spring Air Spool
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Iwaki Air AODD pumps are an ideal choice for the safe transfer of a limitless variety of liquids: corrosive chemicals, liquid slurries, abrasive particle slurries, viscous liquids, fuel, oils, glues, inks, and flammable liquids - just to name a few - across many industries.
Food and BeverageChemicalWater TreatmentConcrete AdditivesWater TreatmentOil and GasChemicalPaints & CoatingsMetal FinishingBattery ManufacturingSemiconductorPulp Paper and PackagingTextiles and Carpet