E+H Proline Promag W-300-400-500-0xDN flow meter

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, TN, VA
  • Summary: World's first full-bore electromagnetic flow meter without mounting restrictions and ±0.5% of rate accuracy
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Proline Promag W 300/400/500 0 x DN full bore flow meter

The world’s first electromagnetic flowmeter for unrestricted measurements.  Measure reliably – independent of flow profile and mounting location.

  • The first and only electromagnetic flowmeter with no inlet and outlet runs (0 x DN) as well as no pipe restriction (full-bore design) and thus no pressure loss
  • Dependable measured values thanks to innovative signal analysis and processing
  • Installation directly after bends, perfect for space-restricted areas and on skids
  • Best-performing flowmeter for all applications in water distribution as well as wastewater treatment
  • Industry-optimized flowmeter with internationally recognized drinking water approvals
  • Heartbeat verification for reliable fulfillment of traceability requirements in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Based on tried-and-tested sensors: installed successfully in over 2 million applications since 1977

Proline Promag W 0 x DN Benefits

  • Maintain ±0.5% o.r. accuracy with zero inlet/outlet straight pipe runs
  • Mount directly after bends, T-fittings, pipe buildup, and insertion devices
  • Maximum measuring performance without sensor tube restriction results in zero pressure loss
  • Built-in on-demand traceable verification without
  • process interruption
  • Submergence and direct burial options for worry-free installation
  • Re-think how you design new facilities or upgrade existing facilities with zero inlet/outlet straight pipe runs.
  • In the water/wastewater and industrial industries, flow measurement accuracy is crucial for optimal process control, monitoring, and totalization.

0 x DN Application Example


In existing process piping many obstructions exist, such as piping elbows, T-fittings, insertion devices, and misaligned seals. These obstructions cause turbulence, leading to a disturbed flow profile resulting in poor measurement accuracy. This can lead to process control upsets, such as inaccurate chemical dosing and totalization. Conventional electromagnetic flowmeters typically require five-pipe diameters upstream of the measurement, and two-pipe diameters downstream to achieve ±0.5% o.r. accuracy.


The unrestricted mounting full bore option is the first and only electromagnetic flowmeter with no inlet and outlet run requirements as well as no pipe restriction, and thus no pressure loss. This option allows for a guaranteed measurement performance of ±0.5% o.r. or better in Promag W 300, 400, and 500 even when the meter is installed immediately after any obstruction.

• Inlet/outlet run: zero/0 x DN
• Maximum measured error directly after bend: ±0.5% o.r. • Nominal diameters: 1" to 120"
• For Proline transmitters: 300/400/500
• Liners: polyurethane, hard rubber, PTFE (up to 12")
• Submergence ratings: IP66/67/68 and direct burial

Performance – Third-party verified by TÜV - Unrestricted mounting full bore was tested in an external and independent National Engineering Laboratory (NEL) and achieved the expected performance of ±0.5% o.r.

A highly innovative measuring concept - With multiple electrodes measuring the flow, significantly higher data density and innovative signal analysis ensure very stable measured values, even in cases of disturbed flow profiles.

Compliant traceable testing with Heartbeat Verification

• Entire signal chain covered, from sensor to outputs
• Time-saving, simple-to-use, built-in functionality
• No process interruption
• Creates an electronic document for traceable quality reporting

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