DeZURIK Butterfly Valves

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  • States: NC, SC, VA
  • Summary: DeZURIK AWWA butterfly valves meet the requirements of AWWA C504 standards for Municipal as well as Industrial water & wastewater.
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Carotek offers DeZURIK AWWA butterfly valves to meet the requirements of AWWA C504 standards. Automating AWWA valves can be as simple as a handle or manual gear operator up to and including pneumatic or electric actuators depending on your requirements. Please contact your local Carotek salesman for help in sizing and selection.
Used for shutoff of clean and dirty water and gasesvalvesFeature double offset disc design, corrosion-resistant shaft, stainless steel disc edge, and self-compensating shaft sealsMolded-in body seat with disc locators provides positive sealing and longer seat life on sizes 3 - 20"" (80 - 500mm)Large AWWA butterfly valves, 24"" and larger (600mm and larger) feature adjustable, replaceable seat, non-hollow disc structure and rubber seat retained within a dovetail groove in the valve body and locked in place by an epoxy wedgeDesigned for application throughout the water and wastewater distribution systems, power plants, and industrial plantsUnderwriters Laboratories, Inc. classification in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 61 for drinking water system components

DeZURIK manufactures the following styles of butterfly valves :

AWWA Butterfly Valves are used for shutoff on clean water and gases. They are a resilient seated butterfly valve that meets the requirements of AWWA C504 and C516 standards. AWWA Butterfly Valves are available in sizes from 3-144"" (80-3600mm).High Performance Butterfly Valves are used for everything from general service applications to viscous and corrosive liquids; corrosive gases; and steam. These ASME Class 150 & 300 valves are available with PTFE seats, Dual Seats and Metal seats to handle temperatures up to 700°F (370°C) or higher on application.Uninterrupted Seat Resilient-Seated Butterfly Valves are used handle a wide variety of liquids and gasses. They provide bi-directional shutoff to the full rating of the valve and can be used in dead-end service without requiring downstream flanges. The Uninterruped Seat Butterfly Valve is an excellent choice for continuous modulating control, or for extended service applications such as high cycle and higher pressures 250 psi (1720 kPa) in 2-20” sizes, with 24-26” sizes to 175 psi (1210 kPa).On-Center Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves are used wide variety of liquids and gases in general service applications. These butterfly valves provide bi-directional shutoff to the full rating of the valve and can be used on dead end service with downstream flange attached. The On-Center Resilient Seated Butterfly Valve can handle pressures up to 175 psi (1210 kPa) in 2-12” sizes and to 150 psi (1030 kPa) in 14-48” sizes.
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