Amresist Ball Valves

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  • Summary: Amresist Acris® PFA Lined Ball Valves are engineered for corrosive & ultra pure industrial applications.
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Acris® PFA Lined Ball Valves are Engineered for Corrosive & Ultra Pure Industrial Applications
Acris PFA lined ball valves offer unsurpassed resistance to corrosion, permeation and microbial contamination for maximum purity and reliability with minimal maintenance. Engineered for bidirectional zero leakage shutoff, Acris fully PFA lined ball valves are the high performance solution for critical applications. Available in full port and standard port designs.

Fully PFA lined standard port ball valves engineered for zero leakage shutoff in demanding corrosive and ultra pure industrial applications.

Fully PFA lined ball, stem and body offer unsurpassed resistance to corrosion, permeation and microbial contamination for maximum purity and reliability.Rugged, high strength anti-blowout stem limits hysteresis for dependable operation.Adjustable PTFE chevron packing eliminates leak paths and reduces fugitive emissions.Durable, corrosion resistant PTFE seat designed for zero leakage, low torque isolation.Metal-to-metal body joints protect the locked-in liner from damage caused by external forces.Anti-static grounding device prevents static buildup.ISO 5211 top mounting plate for easy actuation.

High Performance PFA Lining

Melt processable for precise molding of parts with smoother surface finishes than PTFE liners.Superior flexibility to withstand repeated flexing and dynamic loads for extended service life.Higher resistance to permeation for increased durability with lower total cost of ownership.Lower particle shedding for maximum purity.Superior creep resistance at high temperatures.Increased resistance to microbial contamination.Also known by the trade name Teflon®.


Ports : Standard Port, Full PortSize Range : ½” to 6″ (15 to 150mm)Pressure Ratings : Up to 250psi (17bar)Temperature : -20°F to 400°F (-29°C to 204°C)Body Design : ASME B16.34Flanges : ASME B16.5 Class 150 RFFace-to-face : ASME B16.10
Corrosive and Ultra Pure applications