High Purity Valve Design - Webinar and Product Features

March 28, 2023

High Purity Valve Design matters.  At SVF,  the design and manufacturing process ensures that the FDA requirements can be met with no question.  In this webinar, learn about the design and product features to meet those requirements.

High Purity Valve Design

Presented by SVF Flow Controls, this presentation will cover high purity standards for FDA regulations and the CleanTech series. This recorded webinar is 28 minutes.

Why CleanTECH Valves?

SVF CleanTECH ball valves are engineered to be a true process piping component to specifically meet the demanding processes found in the food and beverage and other industries. The port opening of the valve’s flow path is dimensionally identical to the adjacent tubing. This “Tube-ID” feature provides predictable flow rates and pressure drops and ensures thorough cleaning and full drainability.

Our CleanTECH valves are designed with the strictest standards for purity in mind, ensuring that they are free from any contaminants that could compromise the integrity of your process.

Whether you are working in the pharmaceutical, biotech, or semiconductor industries, our high purity CleanTECH valves are the ideal choice for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your system. 

SVF purity valves - cleantech