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Industrial Pumps, Valves, & Instrumentation

Since 1965, Carotek has been providing the most reliable process equipment products from the most reputable manufacturers. As a distributor and representative, we provide a broad scope of products in mechanical systems, electrical controls, instrumentation, pumps, valves, process skids, seal pots as well as complete systems integration.  Our products are used extensively in Food/Beverage, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Energy, Power, Chemical, Industrial, Commercial, and Municipal to name a few.

Our production process includes customized value engineering to ensure our projects are commercially competitive while still delivering exceptionally high quality integrated systems. Our engineering and design teams custom build complex Mechanical and Electrical process skid packages for a variety of industries including Hygienic/Sanitary, Chemical, Power/Energy, Commercial, Municipal and General Industrial. Carotek has a complete quality assurance program with a QA manager, documentation control and QA inspection. NDE testing is available for process skid fabrication applications.

Carotek has a state of the art Process Training Unit for in-house training in instrumentation, valves, pumps and industry specific applications. Our fabrication shop also includes Pump and Blower service and repair as well as field start-up assistance. We have a fleet of field technicians available for onsite Calibration services, trouble shooting and instrument start-up services and commissioning.

Many years of expertise and knowledge have allowed us to offer the greatest diversity of products for optimal systems design in the industries we serve. Visit our product pages to learn more.