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Elmo Rietschle Side Channel Blowers

Elmo Rietschle Side Channel Blower - G SeriesElmo Rietschle G-Series – Side Channel Blowers are Carotek's featured product for the vacuum pumps category.

Side Channel Blowers from Elmo Rietschle are so good, it’s hard to improve them.  They are one of Carotek’s most popular Elmo Rietschle items.  Side channel blowers are primarily used for moving gases and gas-air mixtures.  The G-Series Side Channel Blowers from Elmo Rietschle last for a very long time, keeping your processes running smoothly and avoiding downtime. G-series features:

•    Built for 24/7 operation
•    Extremely low maintenance
•    Light-weight
•    Certified by UL/CSA/IEC/EN
•    50/60 Hz voltage range motors
•    ATEX 94/9 EG
•    Speed Adjusted via external or integral converter
•    Noise levels are lower than other vacuum pumps and compressors

Popular models include BH100 – the smallest blower on the market, BH1 – a classic with innovative technology, BH2 Velocis - expanded performance ranges, BH7 – highest differential pressure available, and the BH8 – Half the size and twice the power.

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How Elmo Rietschle G-Series Works

The impellers in the G-Series machines are mounted directly on the motor shaft for contact-free compression. Maximum operational reliability, even at high differential pressures, is ensured by the arrangement of the bearings outside the compression chamber. The gas is taken in through the inlet. As it enters the side channel, the rotating impeller imparts velocity to the gas in the direction of rotation. Centrifugal force in the impeller blades accelerates the gas outward and the pressure increases.  Every rotation adds kinetic energy, resulting in further increase of pressure along the side channel. The side channel narrows at the rotor, sweeping the gas off the impeller blades and discharging it through the outlet silencer where it exits the pump.

Applications for Side Channel BlowersElmo Rietschle Side Channel Blowers on line

•    Dental vacuum
•    Drying out buildings
•    Fishpond ventilation
•    Food & Beverage
•    Gas analysis
•    Industrial vacuum cleaners/ central extraction systems
•    Laser printers
•    Letter sorting/ enveloping
•    Packaging
•    Printing & Paper
•    Pneumatic conveying
•    Soil treatment
•    Swimming pool technology/ jacuzzis
•    Textile
•    Thermoforming
•    Ventilation of sewage treatment plants

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