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Chemical Process Skids

The Chemical Industry has been utilizing outside process skid manufacturers successfully to reduce capital equipment cost by as much as 35%. Carotek’s technical expertise in piping design and process equipment sizing and selection can value stream your process for the best operation at the most efficient cost. 

Chemical Process Skid Application Examples: 

  • Chemical Injection System
  • Chemical Filtration Package
  • Chemical Blending System
  • Chemical Extraction Process Skid
  • Chemical Metering Skid
  • Chemical Dosing Skid
  • Chemical Feeding System
  • Chemical Transport System
  • Pneumatic Injection System

Types vary from continuous processing to batch, volatile to organic, man-made to natural, fluid to semisolid, and various temperature, pressure, and flow configurations to meet your process specifications.  We can help with your pilots for chemical processing plant operations to test and prove a new process design for a future large-scale implementation. Here are just a few examples of chemical process skids that we have built.

chemical blending skid
chemical injection skid
chemical dosing skid
chemical filtration skid
Chemical Metering Skid


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