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  • Just Built! - Hot Water Generation & Supply Process Skid

Just Built! - Hot Water Generation & Supply Process Skid

Check out one of our latest Process Skids. 

Process Water Skid

This is a Hot Water Generation & Supply skid. The critical components on this skid are four ‘Plate & Frame’ heat exchangers and two Peerless end suction pumps, and this dual-purpose skid serves two functions.

  1. Heating the glycol-water, which is then used for HVAC heating, is accomplished by one of the four heat exchangers using Hot Process Water generated in the plant.
  2. Cooling the Hot ‘Retort Water’ that is generated from the food packaging unit of the factory is accomplished by the remaining three heat exchangers using cool process water from three different sources.

Other components include a Carotek control panelcoriolis flow meters, pressure tanks, manual and automated valves.



Process Water Heating and Cooling Skid