Inline Butterfly Valves

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, TN, VA
  • Summary: Inline ball valves for Industrial and General Service specializing in Sanitary Butterfly valves.
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The 707/717 series butterfly valve 707/717 incorporates several improved design features to enhance your process performance. The valve's uniform bore diameter improves flow and eliminates pooling of potential contaminates.The wider seating area reduces seat wear and seat pull-out problems. Various options are available to meet your application requirements.

Standard Features and BenefitsLeak-Proof, Bubble-Tight Shut-OffEasy-to-Use, Polished, Two-Position 360° Turn Handle (707F)Ten-Position, 180° Turn Locking Lever Handle (717F)Uniform Bore Diameter Improves Flow Characteristics and Eliminates Pooling of Potential ContaminantsLight Weight for Less Stress on Tubing LinesAll Wetted Materials Approved for Use in Food and Beverage ProcessingBlow-Out-Proof Stem25 Ra ID FinishDrilled for Actuation
Sanitary applications