Standard Xchange Heat Exchanger - Custom Built

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  • States: NC, SC, VA
  • Summary: Custom Designed heat exchangers to meet your specific requirements. Custom designs come with fixed tubesheets or removable bundles ranging from 5" to 60" in diameter. All custom models also meet standard code requirements.
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C100 : TEMA type AEP or BEP, removable bundle, outside packed floating head shell & tube heat exchangerC200/C210 : TEMA type AEL/BEM or NEN fixed tubesheet shell & tube heat exchangerC300 : TEMA type AEU or BEU, removable U-tube bundle shell & tube heat exchangerC400 : TEMA type AET or BET, removable bundle, internal bolted floating head cover shell & tube heat exchangerC500 : TEMA type AES or BES, removable bundle, internal clamp split ring, floating head shell & tube heat exchangerCPK : TEMA type AEW or BEW, removable bundle, packed floating tubesheet shell & tube heat exchangerS1000R : single-bank, balanced-flow packaged Steam condensers
Any custom application