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  • Summary: Carotek offers genuine Grundfos Pump parts & authorized repair service to increase reliability and uptime.
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Grundfos Pump Parts & Repair Kits

With OEM Grundfos Pump parts & repair kits, you can minimize down time and increase reliability, with parts engineered to meet the exact specifications of your Grundfos equipment.

Grundfos Genuine Parts are designed to handle the original operational requirements, and allow your pump to maintain factory testing condition.

Grundfos backs all genuine Grundfos pump parts with its own warranty.

Grundfos pump parts and service kits can be purchased with new pumps, on an as needed basis, or as a stock of spares.

Custom repair service kits are tailored for each Grundfos pump and system. Service kits include wearable parts like mechanical seals, gaskets, wear rings, and bearings. When selecting a spare parts kit, you will need the pump model, and in some cases, when the pump was produced. With this information, Carotek can assist in finding a spare parts kit that will include the component part.

Why Buy Genuine OEM Grundfos Pump Parts?

Grundfos original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts:

  • are the only parts designed specifically to meet the exact design standards and performance specifications for Grundfos pumps
  • are engineered for reliability and optimal performance
  • offer fewer surprises than off brand replacement parts

Grundfos also provides OEM parts for legacy PACO, Yeomans, Chicago, Morris and Sewer Chewer pump brands.

Grundfos OEM parts are available individually or in complete parts kits.


Genuine OEM Grundfos Parts Advantages

Quality: Grundfos parts are engineered for optimal performance and reliability.

Design: Grundfos parts are factory made to ensure that each part meets the exact requirements for your Grundfos pump.

Support: Parts are stocked locally to ensure fast delivery.

Only genuine Grundfos pumps are backed by the Grundfos warranty.


Grundfos Pump Part Kits Advantages

Grundfos service kits offer easy, tailored maintenance solutions for Grundfos pumps. These service kits are available for the most common service and repair operations for the pump, including wearable parts like mechanical seals, gaskets, wear rings, and bearings.

Having parts for future maintenance needs helps:

  • prolong service life
  • save money
  • avoid downtime

Grundfos parts kits contain the right parts to ensure the repair is done properly.

Grundfos Pump Repair | Grundfos Authorized Service Partner

When it comes to Grundfos pump repair and Grundfos pump service, Carotek’s complete repair services provide solutions to keep your equipment running optimally.  

Carotek is honored to be your Grundfos Authorized Service Partner (ASP) in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. In addition to being a Grundfos pump and system provider, we passed a stringent third-party audit to become a Grundfos ASP. 

What does it mean to be a Grundfos ASP?  Only audited service providers are registered as Authorized Service Partners (ASP). ASPs are the only companies that can work on product without voiding the warranty. As an audited service provider, Carotek is an extension of Grundfos Service and can perform certified factory pump and system service including warranty claims and repairs for Industrial, Commercial, Water Treatment/Utility/Municipal, Domestic, Fire and Agriculture.  

Why Choose a Grundfos Authorized Service Partner ?

As a Grundfos authorized service partner in North & South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia and Tennessee, Carotek can offer Grundfos service including full inspection, replacement of wear parts, and testing after assembly. Choosing a Grundfos authorized service partner will ensure your warranty is still valid because the service follows Grundfos specifications.

Whether a pump requires repair, rebuilding, or performance testing, a Grundfos authorized service partner provides expert service.

Minimize Pump Downtime

Carotek understands that when pumps break down, you need to get them up and running again fast. Our pump technicians know Grundfos pumps, and apply their expertise to make the most efficient repair and minimize production downtime.

Maximize Pump Performance

To keep your Grundfos pump installations operating at peak performance, Carotek offers analysis, maintenance, repair, and adjustment services. Optimizing the running conditions of your pump helps reduce energy consumption.

Ensure Pump Longevity

Exactly how long can a Grundfos pump last? Find out with genuine Grundfos parts and expert repair assistance to keep pumps in condition for the long haul.

Grundfos Pump Repair Options

Carotek’s certified and factory trained technicians are experts at troubleshooting Grundfos pumps to prevent failures or to find the optimal solution when a failure does occur. We offer service for large scale water utilities, industrial systems, or commercial buildings. Services include:

  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Replacement
  • Reconditioning
  • Machining
  • Installation
  • Optimization

We offer both onsite repair and in shop repair for Grundfos pumps, including Booster Packages, Split Case Pumps, Vertical Split Case Pumps, End Suction Pumps, Boiler Feed Pumps, Circulators, Inline Centrifugal Pumps, Dosing Pumps, and Submersible Pumps.

Onsite Pump Repair

Carotek offers prompt and reliable repair services wherever you are. Our experienced technicians offer 24/7 field service when needed. Our friendly and knowledgeable pump experts will make sure you get the solution you need for even the most challenging installation.

In Shop Pump Repair

Our team is available to diagnose and fix pump problems in our mechanical shop, with capability to repair pumps of all sizes. Our staff of repair technicians will inspect your pump, recommend solutions, and ensure that your pump is repaired and running as it should, keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Related Service Offerings

Carotek offers pump site surveys to provide documentation, maintenance plans, equipment tag numbers, and spare parts recommendations. These forward-looking service offerings help develop pump reliability programs to minimize downtime.

As a Grundfos authorized service partner, Carotek also offers a variety of services designed to maximize the service life and efficiency of your Grundfos pump, including:

  • Inspection
  • Spare parts
  • Service kits
  • Manuals and pump curves
  • Pump audits and energy checks

Carotek offers genuine Grundfos pump parts and a range of Grundfos pump services to maximize your pump investment. Contact Carotek for Grundfos service information and service quotes.