General Rubber Flexible Joints

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  • Summary: State-of-the-art line of rubber expansion joints, flexible connectors, rubber flanged hoses and accessories, as well as spray shields and penetration seals for the reliability and durability demanded by the wastewater industry.
  • States: NC, SC
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The features and benefits of our performance expansion joint designs will achieve these critical elements by absorbing system forces and displacements, replacing them with the expansion joint’s low stiffness (spring rate). Additionally, they are designed to reduce noise and vibration, have a cycle life in the tens of millions, compensate for misalignments, provide access to piping and equipment, and relieve pipe and anchor stresses.

The selection and application of General Rubber’s unrestrained expansion joints represent the most cost-effective arrangement when they are used in rigid piping systems with main anchors and numerous guides at specific spacing.

The selection and application of General Rubber’s advanced restrained expansion joints can be used to provide system flexibility while restraining pressure thrust forces and other external loads. This approach allows for an optimal design with a smaller footprint. The economic benefits of using advanced restrained expansion joints also include—but are not limited to—fewer guides, anchors and supports.

Piping Expansion Joints

Style 1101 Single Wide Arch Rubber Expansion JointStyle 1102 Double Wide Arch Rubber Expansion JointStyle 1103 Triple Wide Arch Rubber Expansion JointStyle 1104 Quadruple Wide Arch Rubber Expansion JointStyle 1015 Economical Single Wide Arch Rubber Expansion JointStyles 8101, 8102, 8103 Rubber Slip-On Sleeve Expansion JointsStyle 1101CR Concentric Reducing Rubber Expansion JointStyle 1101ER Eccentric Reducing Rubber Expansion JointStyles 1101LO & 1101AO Lateral / Angular Offset Rubber Expansion JointsStyle 1101LW Lightweight Rubber Expansion JointStyle 1101HP High Pressure Rubber Expansion JointStyle 1101HT High Temperature Rubber Expansion JointStyle 1100 Rubber Flanged PipeStyles 1100EF, 1100TF, 1100YF Rubber Flanged Fittings, Control Units, Limit Rods & Tie Rods


Style 5100D Dismantling Rubber Expansion JointStyle 5100U Universal Rubber Expansion JointStyle 5100H Hinge Rubber Expansion JointStyle 5100G Gimbal Rubber Expansion JointStyle 5100P In-Line Pressure Balanced Rubber Expansion JointStyle 5100E Elbow Pressure Balanced Rubber Expansion Joint


Styles 8101LW, 8100LW, 1091 Rubber Slip-On SleeveStyles 1092 & 1097 Rubber Flanged StandardStyle 9100 & 9101 Rubber Flanged VersatileStyles 1093 & 1094 & 1095 PTFE Single LayerStyle 1096 PTFE Composite
Municipal & Industrial Wastewater