Filter Magic Gravity Filter Control System

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  • Summary: Filter Magic® is a pre-packaged, pre-programmed, proven and patented innovative gravity filter control system. Filter Magic® takes complete responsibility for the entire filter control system.
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The Ultimate Filtration Solution

Fully automated and patented Filter Control System that produces consistent high quality waterFilter Backwash Optimization that precisely controls bed expansion and backwash flow durationEliminates excess backwash waterIncreases water productionMaximizes Filter System performance and efficiency

Is your plant wasting water?

In our experience , most gravity filters systems in water treatment plants are unknowingly wasting backwash water. Filter Magic® can potentially save a substantial amount of backwash water as well as upfront capital and long-term maintenance costs.

Our patented solutions provide unprecedented knowledge of how filter systems work allowing precise tuning of the filters for maximum efficiency and performance.

Filter Magic® is a pre-packaged, pre-programmed, proven and patented, innovative filter control system. We take complete responsibility for the entire filter control system including all controls, instrumentation, valve actuators and water. Our comprehensive user friendly pre-programmed software solutions are customized for precise operation and backwash requirements. Our patented solution includes a 2-wire low voltage Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-I) bus network between the filter control consoles and all related valve actuators and instrumentation. This bus network substantially eliminates traditional conduit and wire systems between devices.

Filter Magic® filter control systems work with pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic valve actuators, making it perfect for retrofit solutions. Filter Magic® is also the perfect solution for new surface, ground, or tertiary gravity filter system projects in water or wastewater treatment plants.

Zero2Waste® is an integral part of Filter Magic®. This patented technology can provide a significant ROI through water savings by :

Continuously monitoring turbidity on top of the filters, especially during a backwash, allowing our patented filter backwash control system to precisely terminate the high wash based on turbidityContinuously monitoring of filter media level at all times, especially during a backwash, allowing our filter backwash system to precisely control the filter media bed expansion during the high wash regardless of water temperatureEnhanced filter system performance and efficiencyHistorical data and analysis of long term filter performanceReduction in wastewater treatment system costsIncrease in water production.
Filter Magic® Zero2Waste® Solutions include a 3 or 5 year comprehensive warranty on the entire filter control system provided by Filter Magic®. Our products are an American made green designed to optimize the filter system to save water.
Municipal & Industrial Wastewater