Elmo Rietschle Claw Vacuum Pump VLR 62 - VLR122

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  • States: NC, SC, TN, VA
  • Summary: VLR62 and VLR122 offer 50% smaller footprint, 50% better efficiency, sound rating as low as 63 dB and more.
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Elmo Rietschle Claw Vacuum Pump Series 2 - Next Generation - VLR62 and VLR122

Elmo Rietschle claw vacuum pumps offer reliable long life performance in demanding applications operating with virtually no maintenance. Two counter rotating claws rotate in a contact-less oil-free pumping chamber, operating with tight clearances to ensure quiet, clean and efficient vacuum service. Custom tailor your claw pump to the application.

Two new model sizes are now available in two different variants which allows you to select the right pump to best fit the application.  VLR62 and VLR122.

“Passive” cooled version is ideal to replace carbon vane, liquid ring and oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps in applications requiring down to 18 inHg vacuum.

“Active” cooled version employs a pump cooling fan in a compact very quiet pump designed for applications requiring a vacuum level down to 27 inHg. Combining these pumps with a VFD control are ideal candidates for savings credits and rebates from local power companies.

Dry Vacuum Pump Benefits
Oil-less vacuum allows for clean performance without the hassle and expense of carbon vane and oil lubricated rotary vane pumps. No more messy oil and exhaust filters to change or expensive carbon vanes to replace, not to mention the downtime and expense incurred to perform these shorter maintenance intervals. Elmo Rietschle claw pumps have service intervals up to 5 years.

  • Virtually No Maintenance
  • Service Intervals up to 5 Years
  • Extremely Power Efficient
  • Oil-Free Compression
  • Low Noise Levels (63 dB, VLR-62 active)
  • Higher Flow Rates than Rotary Vane
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Ideal for Operation on VFD

What makes the VLR62/122 better?

Minimum space requirement - The 20 to 30% smaller footprint of the VLR 62/122 compared to existing claw vacuum pumps increases the proportion of usable space and installation space in systems.

Low energy consumption -Up to 50% better specific performance (VLR 62(31)) reduces the CO2 imprint to a minimum and saves an end customer up to $700 per year in energy costs.

Low noise pollution - The highly efficient sound insulation of the VLR 62/122(31) eliminates the need for additional sound insulation and thus reduces installation costs for OEMs and end customers.

Prevention of process build-up - The displacement of the intake duct behind the A-side enables a diagonal flow through the compressor chamber. which together with the XD variant and a flushing medium ensures consistent prevention of buildup in difficult processes.

Process adaption - Our modular strategy for the two pressure ranges and corrosion resistance enables the most economical way of adapting to your process needs.

Removable Claws - The new developed rotor locking principle allows an easy disassembly of the claws for cleaning. The usual synchronization of the gearbox which is common with other claw vacuum pumps is no longer necessary when reassembling the claws.

Flushing/process cleaning - The new arrangement of the suction channel provides an unprecedented advantage for customers with harsh applications. The compressor chamber flushing receives an unprecedented increase in performance due to the optimum access to the A-side for the flushing medium.

VLR62/122 Comparison with Busch Mink


Busch Mink MM 1104BV

Elmo Rietschle VLR 62 Active


Sound Level

70 dBA

63 dBA

Just over twice as quiet

Weight (lbs)

439 lbs

251 lbs

Busch product is 75% heavier than the VLR 62 active

Dims (in)



Smaller overall footprint. About 29% smaller than the Busch unit


Busch Mink MM 1102BV

Elmo Rietschle VLR 122 Active



79 CFM

85 CFM

Higher flow potential

Sound Level

79 dBA

73 dBA

Twice as quiet

Weight (lbs)

443 lbs

265 lbs

Busch product is 67% heavier than the VLR 122 active

Dims (in)



Smaller overall footprint. About 39% smaller than the Busch unit



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