E+H Level Measurement Devices & Controls

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, TN, VA
  • Summary: E+H product selection of Level Measurement & Controls includes Conductivity Level switch, Vibration Switch, Mechanical Switch, Capacitance, & Radar Level Measurement.
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Endress + Hauser offer a complete range of sensors and transmitters for virtually all aspects of level measurement.

Specific measurement technologies where Carotek and Endress+Hauser can offer level product solutions:



Vibrating level limit switches are used in liquids or solids, using a tuning fork or rod technology.  


Paddle limit switch for applications in dust hazardous areas. Perfect for high or low level indications in powder, granulates, animal feed, cement, etc.


Level measurement in liquids or solids for non-conductive materials.


Level switch for multiple point detection, using a single or multiple rods or cables.


Radar Level Measurement works in applications that require continuous non-contact measurement. This technology is perfect for applications with rapid level changes or agitator blades involving liquids and slurries.


Level measurement that involves no contact with the measured material. This technology is versatile and commonly used for measurements of liquids, slurries and solids. A tank with ultrasonic systems can be emptied and then filled with a different material and the level reading will still be accurate.


Level measurement using gamma radiation.
Level measurement can be found in all types of industries; food and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene is of most importance to the chemical, oil and gas industries which may require robust reliable instruments to handle the hazardous conditions.