E+H Flow Measurement Devices

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  • Summary: Endress + Hauser offers a complete range of sensors and transmitters for virtually all aspects of flow measurement in all types of industries.  The reliability of Endress+Hausers can be counted on even in corrosive and abrasive environments.
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Stable flow measurement helps to reduce the overall production cost.  Dedication to research and development assure each instrument is manufactured using leading edge technology and meets the needs of our customers’ applications.

The importance of accurate flow measurements is a critical success factor in many process systems.  Accurate flow measurements impact your bottom line.  Inaccurate or missing flow measurements can cause serious or even catastrophic results.

Carotek has application specialists in the following flow measurement technologies.


The Proline Promag meters are available in sizes from ½” to 78” and are suited for water, wastewater, chemical, food, and beverage, pharmaceutical and process applications. Whether flanged, wafer or sanitary connections, there is a Promag meter to fit your needs. Dosimag meters are available in small sizes and designed for filling applications where signal speed is of essence. 


Proline Mass Coriolis flowmeters are designed to measure mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature.  Promass sensors are available in sizes from 1/24” to 10”.   Promass systems meet the requirements of various industries; 3-A sanitary, EHEDG standards, SIL 2 requirements, and use in hazardous areas.  A high temperature sensor in the Promass F is available up to 660°F for special applications. For small filling application the Dosimass product fits the needs for fast response and a compact size.


Proline Prosonic flowmeters are designed for non-contact flow measurement in difficult applications such as glass reinforced pipe, ductile iron pipe with cement lining or steel pipes with plastic liners.  Sensors are available for nominal pipe sizes from ½” to 160”.  Clamp-on sensors are construction of stainless steel and rated NEMA 6P and can be completely submerged.  Insertion sensors are also available, designed to be replaced without interrupting the process.  Water, wastewater, chemical and process industries utilize the Prosonic system design. New to the family is the Prosonic B200 which is specifically designed for difficult biogas service measuring both flow and methane content.


Proline t-mass thermal mass flow measurement system for direct measurement of gases.  Available sensors: in-line flanged for pipe sizes ½” to 4” and insertion sensors for pipe sizes 3: to 60”.  The unit comes equipped with software which allows for the selection of up to 20 pure gases and the creation of mixed gases with a maximum of 8 components. (e.g. Biogas)


Proline Prowirl vortex flowmeters provide accurate measurement of flow and temperature for computing mass flow and heat consumption.  Prowirl is used for measurement of gas, steam and liquids with a process temperature range of -330°F to +750°F.  The Prowirl can output the mass flow of superheated steam or the mass and volume flow of other gases by using constant pressure.  Proline Prowirl vortex flowmeters are ideal for the chemical, power and process industries. 


Endress+Hauser DP flow measurement is based on two well known technologies; orifice plates and pitot tubes.  The orifice plate or pitot tube creates a pressure difference inside the pipe which is a direct measure of volume or mass flow.  Differential pressure measurement is ideal for gas, steam and liquids in applications with temperature from -328 to +1830°F in pressures up to 6300psi."
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