Ashcroft High Purity Instrumentation

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Ashcroft high purity pressure instruments are designed for high reliability, safe operation and configurability required for ultra-clean applications.

Several features make Ashcroft ZT/ZX pressure transmitters and HPX pressure gauges ideal for ultra-high purity liquid and gas applications in electronic fabrication and the semiconductor industry:

  • 316L stainless steel wetted parts
  • ultra-clean process connections including dead-end and flow-through fittings such as VCR compatible, W-Seal and C-Sea

Each unit is helium leak tested, cleanroom packaged, and nitrogen purged reliable purity. HPX High-Purity Pressure Gauges Ultrasonic cleaning assures superior quality, while the compact design facilitates high-density mounting. Designed for installations within gas delivery systems, HPX high purity pressure gauges are available in 28-, 50-and 63-millimeter dial diameters.

ZT/ZX High-Purity Pressure Transmitters

Ashcroft ZT and ZX high purity pressure transmitters are compact for easy installation, with stainless steel construction for ultra-cleanliness. Pressure ranges vary from vacuum to 3000psi (200bar). High performance CVD polysilicon sensor technology ensures a long lasting instrument with stable, reliable readings. For hazardous environments, the non-sparking ZX11 pressure transmitters are approved.

Ashcroft ZT/ZX pressure transmitters are designed specifically for high purity applications:

  • UHP gas and fluidic delivery systems
  • hazardous locations (ATEX and IECEx approved)
  • integrated/modular UHP gas delivery system
High-Purity Gas Delivery Systems, Gas Sticks, Process Gas Analyzers, Semiconductor, Cylinder Cabinet, Exhaust gas for CVD and etching equipment, Chemical Delivery Systems, Wafer Manufacturing, Ultrapure Water Applications, Pharmaceutical, Cleaning equipment for semiconductor, Cleaning equipment for Flat Panel Displays (FPD), Wet stations, Chemical supply system, Ultrapure/deionized water facilities, Ultrapure/deionized water production equipment, Purge and Exhaust Gas System.