Ashcroft Diaphragm Seals and Calibration Equipment

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Ashcroft diaphragm seals and calibration devices provide equipment protection and assurance of proper measurement. Ashcroft diaphragm seals and isolation rings are used to protect sensitive instruments.  Ashcroft calibration equipment is used to measure pressure, temperature, current or voltage with precision.

What Is a Diaphragm Seal for?

A Diaphragm Seal is a device with a thin, flexible membrane(diaphragm) that isused to isolate an instrument from the process fluid. Diaphragm seals createa leak-tight and corrosion-resistant seal to protect valuable instruments from potential damage due to corrosive media or clogging from sludge or slurries.

Ashcroft Diaphragm Seals

Ashcroft Diaphragm seals are available:

  • in a number of configurations
  • various connection types including threaded, flanged, welded, DF Flush
  • with a wide selection of compatible wetted materials, such as 316 stainless steel, Monel and Tantalum

Contact Carotek to select the best diaphragm seal for your application, and to verify the best diaphragm seal material for your application's temperature and pressure requirements.

Note that when using a diaphragm seal, the last step after all the products are assembled and filled is calibration. Although the instruments may have been calibrated prior to assembly, further adjustments may be necessary because the dynamic of having a diaphragm seal typically degrades the accuracy of the instrument(s) enough to require recalibration.

What Is a Calibrator Used for?

Ashcroft calibrators and pressure indicators are multi-function instruments used to calibrate devices for specific applications. Calibration means verifying the accuracy of instrumentation and adjusting to improve instrument accuracy. A calibrator can help ensure that an instrument provides precise measurements in terms of accuracy, tolerance, and precision.

Ashcroft Gauge Calibrators

Ashcroft gauge calibration devices are electronic ultra-high accuracy digital pressure indicators designed for both field and laboratory calibration requirements.

  • Ashcroft’s handheld calibrator is used to calibrate instruments while they are still installed by bringing bring your standard to the source.
  • Ashcroft’s meter-shaped bench top pressure calibrator offers electronic features for switch setting, transducer calibration and more.
  • Ashcroft’s smaller bench top meter uses fixed sensors with the same accuracies.

Both the handheld calibrator and the benchtop pressure calibrator have two bays for snap-in removable pressure sensors or temperature device interface modules. These two bays allow the instrument to be used in current and voltage indication as well as a variety of pressure and temperature measurements, displaying up to three measurements simultaneously.

Gas pipeline / transmission, Refineries, Power Generation, Test and Measurement, Calibration Laboratories, Hospitals and Medical Research, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Chemical and Petrochemical, Water and Wastewater, NACE Compliant Processes (Sour Gas Separation), Biogas and Biodiesel, Engineered Systems (Instrument Skids), Hydrogen Systems, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Bioassay and Biocides, Biotech.