Pepperl+Fuchs HART Interface Solutions

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  • States: GA, NC, SC, TN, VA
  • Summary: Pepperl+Fuchs offers industrial Ethernet components that can be integrated into your plant's network infrastructure for data transfer using IIoT devices for Industry 4.0.
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HART Interface Solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs consist of two HART Multiplexer Systems for multiple signal loops and a HART Loop Converter for single loop applications. The Multiplexer is used to connect HART field devices to Asset Management Systems like AMS Device Manager from Emerson Process Management. At the heart of HART Interface Solution (HIS), the HART Multiplexer acts like a gateway device, routing communications between the maintenance workstation PC and the HART field devices.

It interrogates each HART device, retrieves device information, and stores it in an internal database. This information is made available by the AMS Device Manager or PACTware. The HART Multiplexer also acts as a message coordinator for communication between the maintenance workstation PC and the HART devices. For a single loop solution, the HART Loop Converter allows access to all process variables provided by a field device and transfers them to conventional 4...20 mA loop. This enables it to make use of the hidden measurements done by many field devices and feed them to conventional DCS Systems.

All industries running process systems can benefit from implementing these devices to monitor and control process line equipment from any mobile device.

Five Ethernet Protocols at a Glance

PROFINET has become the leading data transfer standard for large-scale plant and equipment manufacturers with its real-time capability and its ease of integration into fieldbus systems. It is an open Industrial Ethernet standard from the PROFIBUS user organization (PNO) and expands on PROFIBUS DP technology to enable rapid data communication via Ethernet networks in combination with industrial IT functions.
Pepperl+Fuchs offers a range of PROFINET devices for the manufacturing industry, drive technology, and process automation—from optical data couplers and positioning systems to absolute rotary encoders and fieldbus modules.
EtherNet/IP is an open standard for industrial networks of the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association (ODVA). It is used to transfer cyclical input/output data and acyclical parameter data. EtherNet/IP has primarily become established in the American market and is a widely used communication standard for implementing Rockwell control panels. In addition to the communication and transfer of process and parameter data, EtherNet/IP also supports IT functions, such as web servers and email clients.
Pepperl+Fuchs offers a large selection of EtherNet/IP devices to automate your systems and processes covering a diverse range of functionality—such as optical data couplers, distance sensors, positioning systems, position encoding systems, rotary encoders, Ethernet IO modules, and AS-Interface gateways.
Thanks to its rapid data transfer rate, EtherCAT is particularly suitable for time-critical motion-control applications, such as in packaging machines, robotics, and CNC machines. Developed by Beckhoff and the EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG), the technology is based on the master/slave principle in data transfer and data analysis. EtherCAT enables the cyclical transmission of input/output data plus the acyclical transmission of parameters, identification data, and diagnostics data, as well as clock synchronization.
Pepperl+Fuchs offers a selection of EtherCAT-compatible devices, from AS-Interface gateways, and fieldbus modules to field devices, such as absolute rotary encoders and optical data couplers.
MODBUS TCP is based on open standards in industrial communication and has thus promoted the advent of Industrial Ethernet in automation. Combining Ethernet networks with universal network standard, TCP/IP, and the non-proprietary representation of data via MODBUS facilitates a fully open system for the exchange of process data. This offers a range of benefits, such as easy implementation on all devices supporting TCP/IP, and allows swift and effective communication on the industrial network.
LS682 optical data couplers as well as AS-Interface gateways and control interfaces from Pepperl+Fuchs can communicate via MODBUS TCP and EtherNet/IP.
Ethernet POWERLINK is a non-proprietary, purely software-based communication system and complies with all standard Ethernet features. The open-source version is free, does not require a license and you can choose the network topology. POWERLINK is primarily intended for “hard” real-time applications, in which the signal propagation delays must fall within in a precisely defined time frame so that no error message is generated. This is why POWERLINK is particularly suited to motion-control applications, robotics, and real-time I/O visualizations.
Pepperl+Fuchs offers a selection of absolute rotary encoders and optical data couplers for these applications.