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Mechanical Seal Pots

Mechanical Seal PotsCarotek is an industrial seal pot distributor offering standard and custom built ANSI / API Plan 52/53 mechanical seal pot systems for industrial, gas, and oil applications. Seal pots provide a protective buffer between the product and the atmosphere, and isolate products being pumped from the atmosphere. As a safety measure, seal pots perform a vital duty protecting the environment and humans from the dangers of hazardous materials.

Our Seal Pots meet all the requirements of API 682, 4th edition specification. ANSI Units are standard elliptical head, sch. 10 pipe, and the reservoir contains 2 to 5 gallons of buffer fluid to meet your seal and process needs. The material of the units is in standard 304 SS, 316L SS. Our modular designs are adaptable and can be combined with level switch/transmitters, pressure switch/transmitters, air coolers, and pumps for a wide variety of applications. They are durable, flexible, and offer reliable performance for your demanding operations.  

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Mechanical Seal Pots

Non-pressurized external reservoir system that acts as a protective buffer between the product and the atmosphere. Multiple seal arrangements are used to isolate toxic gases and fluids that can change state when exposed to the atmosphere. Buffer fluid is circulated between the inner and outer seal chamber using forced circulation with a circulating ring or pump.

Carotek also provides cooling coils to be placed in the seal reservoir to help reduce flashing of the product or the buffer fluid. A standard inner seal safely vents vapor to a recovery system so that zero emissions are achieved.


Pressurized external barrier fluid reservoir system that supplies clean fluid to a pressurized dual mechanical seal with forced circulation. Pressurized barrier fluid is used to lubricate both the inner and outer seal faces. Maintaining the barrier fluid at pressure 25 to 30 psi above the seal chamber pressure insures barrier lubrication of the inboard seal faces. The API PLAN 53 guarantees zero emissions to the atmosphere.

Industrial Seal Pot Distributor

  • Modular design for various combinations of instruments and components
  • Built in refill pumps, slide brackets, transmitters, switches and cooling coils
  • Meets all API 682 guidelines
  • Ranges available in two standard sizes with ellipsoidal heads
  • Standard designs lowers nitrogen regulator and pressure instruments to the bottom head of the reservoir for easy maintenance

ANSI Options

Cooling Coil: ½" x 20' 304 SS standard Level Gauges: Weld Pad
SS wetted orifice union Pressure Gauge: standard 2 ½" SS dial
Pressure or Level switch Block/Bleed valve
Vent and Drain valves Piping and Fittings as required
Hydro Test Optional – required per API Air tested to 100 PSI standard
Carbon steel/Epoxy painted stand as standard, SS on request    

Industrial Seal Pot Distributor

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Whatever your application need, Carotek can customize your system to provide you with optimum performance, low maintenance, and a long operational life. Call Stephen Bell at 704-844-1100 today for your customized quote.