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High Purity Sanitary Ball Valves

Carotek offers two sanitary valve lines to meet the standards for sanitary and hygienic applications.  

CleanFlow & CleanTech LogosSVF High Purity Valves

CleanFLOW is for pharmaceutical and clean steam applications.  CleanTECH is for semiconductor, food & beverage, dairy, flavoring and cosmetic & fragrance applications. 

High purity sanitary ball valves are flow control devices that meet the industry criteria for purity of materials and design. Valves in high purity processes are used in two broad areas of application:

  1. Valves that are in direct contact with the final (or intermediate) product.
  2. Valves that are not in contact with the final (or intermediate) product.  These applications are in “support systems” such as handling clean steam for cleaning and temperature control.

Hygienic Ball Valve Advantages: 

Ball valves are well proven in the most rigorous applications. Some key advantages of the design include:

  •   Economical-compared to most other valve designs
  •   High flow rate through an unobstructed flow path
  •   Quick,quarter-turn operation
  •   Easy to automate pneumatically or electrically
  •   Inherently flexible to meet a wide range of pressures and temperatures
  •   Simple maintainability
  •   Self-flushing design

Click here for a comparison chart on CleanTECH and Clean FLOW. To discuss how CleanFLOW or CleanTECH ball valves can support your application, contact Carotek today!

DFT 3-A Certified Valves

SVF sanitary stainless steel check valveDFT® Inc. is proud to be 3-A certified. Through our ISO-certified processes, our valve experts ensure that each and every valve meets sanitary standards for design and fabrication. Our team is equipped with experience in industries where being 3-A certified is critical to production and safe to operate within the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our DSV® Check Valves prevent flow reversal in systems, complying with the most stringent cleanliness codes across a variety of industries. Other features of the DSV® Check Valve include:

  • Vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Quick release clamp
  • Elastomeric body seal
  • Clean-in-place (CIP) valves

How Can Carotek Help?

Whatever your sanitary and hygienic valve needs, be sure to contact your Carotek Sales Engineer for the best possible solution.


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