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Hart Communication Protocal LogoWirelessHART solutions easily enable industry to take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Industry 4.0 solutions enabled by WirelessHART support industrial wireless sensor networks that can bring legacy devices into a comprehensive system.

What HART Is

Wireless HART in production of catalyzersWirelessHART is based on an existing protocol called Highway Addressable Remote Transducer Protocol (HART). HART is a bi-directional communication protocol for industrial process measurement and control applications. As an open, vendor independent standard, HART is the most broadly supported protocol for the process industry globally.

As a building block of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), HART provides data access between host systems and intelligent field instruments. Communication occurs between any two HART-enabled devices – typically a smart field device and a control or condition monitoring system. HART allows communication between software applications, including process control systems, safety systems, enterprise asset management, SCADA systems, hand-held configurators, and data historian applications.

How HART Works

Wireless HART in groundwater monitoringHART is called a hybrid protocol because it provides two simultaneous communication channels – analog and digital. It can communicate a single variable using a 4-20mA analog signal, and at the same time can communicate information on a digital signal superimposed on the standard 4-20mA current loop. An analog signal alone would send information only one way (either from the device to the host or from the host to the device). Digital information can travel in both directions using HART. The analog and digital channels together provide a complete field communications solution that is low cost, easy to design, simple to use, and extremely reliable.

With HART, devices communicate additional types of standard information beyond the single process variable, such as:

  • Device status and diagnostic alerts
  • Process variables and units
  • Basic configuration parameters
  • Manufacturer and device tag information
  • Loop current and percentage range

The data gathered from devices through HART enables efficiencies like condition monitoring and the automation of predictive maintenance.

What WirelessHART Is

WirelessHART provides wireless sensor networking technology based on HART, offering a powerful way to design and implement industrial wireless sensor networks. WirelessHART was developed as a multi-vendor, interoperable wireless standard defined for the requirements of process field device networks. Approved as international standard IEC62591, WirelessHART is a free, open standard that is supported by dozens of vendors.

How WirelessHART Works

Wireless HART in toxic waste incinerationWirelessHART uses mesh networking technology, meaning that each device in the network can serve as a router for messages from other devices. A device can just forward its message to the next closest device rather than having to communicate directly to a gateway. As a result, the range of the network is extended. Redundant communication routes increase reliability, especially considering the difficult radio environment found in most process facilities.

Devices can also communicate directly with the central control system, as long as they have a clear line of sight of approximately 820 feet. Whether devices communicate directly or using mesh networking technology, the communication is quick and 99.999% reliable.

Industrial wireless sensor networks using WirelessHART have three main elements:

  1. Field devices. Wireless field devices connect to process or plant equipment. A field device could either be a device with WirelessHART built in or an existing installed HART-enabled device with a WirelessHART adapter attached to it.
  2. Gateways. Gateways enable communication between WirelessHART devices and host applications connected either to a high-speed backbone or to another existing plant communications network.
  3. A network manager. The network manager configures the network, managing message routes, scheduling communications between devices, and monitoring network health. The network manager can be integrated into the host application, gateway, or process automation controller.

Wireless HART in inventory control For flexibility to meet different application requirements, the WirelessHART standard supports multiple messaging modes such as:

  • one-way publishing of process and control values,
  • spontaneous notification by exception,
  • ad-hoc request/response,
  • auto-segmented block transfers of large data sets

These capabilities allow communications to be tailored to application requirements, which reduces both power usage and overhead. In turn, these applications allow plants to implement true Industry 4.0 advances.

WirelessHART Advantages

Wireless HART has several advantages over traditional communication protocols. WirelessHART is:

  1. more secure than traditional communication protocols, since the information is highly encrypted
  2. license free and widely supported
  3. wireless, which eliminates the expense of running new wires from sensors, while allowing collection of information that was previously stranded on the instrument
  4. compatible with existing HART devices, tools, and commands

WirelessHART Products

Because HART is the world’s most broadly supported protocol for the process industry, thousands of HART based products are available, and can be integrated with a WirelessHART solution. Carotek offers expertise in the use of WirelessHART technology solutions for various industries, and distributes the leading technology. As a Rockwell Automation Encompass Partner, Carotek also works collaboratively with Rockwell Automation and has access to Rockwell’s technical and commercial resources.

Featured WirelessHART products include:

PEPPERL+FUCHS WirelessHART Adapters and Gateways for Process Automation

Pepperl Fuchs Wireless HART adapterCarotek supplies a full array of PEPPERL+FUCHS WirelessHART adapters and gateways to enable WirelessHART solutions for process automation. Carotek engineers can help you select the appropriate PEPPERL+FUCHS WirelessHART equipment to work around plant architecture, where distances would otherwise make automated data collection impossible.

PEPPERL+FUCHS WirelessHART Gateways are known for their clear web interface for network diagnostics, Flexible Modbus Mapping Generator for fast commissioning, and interoperability with your choice of control system manufacturer. Whether HART & Ethernet/IP protocol or HART & MODBUS protocol, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a solution.

PEPPERL+FUCHS’s range of WirelessHART adapters allows you to connect every conventional HART or 4 mA … 20 mA field device directly or with a short cable.



The unique BULLET adapters from PEPPERL+FUCHS are industry leading WirelessHART adapters that feature durable anti-static aluminum housings. With electrical ratings from ordinary area to Class 1 Div 1 or Zone 0, the BULLET can be utilized in all plant areas. BULLET adapters hold the certifications necessary for use worldwide, and can be used as soon as you plug the adapter in to your field device. The multidrop feature allows you to add up to eight devices with a single BULLET adapter.

Read more about Pepperl+Fuchs.


Armstrong AIM 5700 Series Steam Trap Monitoring


Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring (AIM) model 5700 leverages WirelessHART technology to monitor and evaluate the condition of steam traps. Whether a plugged trap that can cause water hammer or blow-thru trap wasting energy, the Armstrong 5700 can quickly identify the problem.

Armstrong AIM 5100 Series Temperature Monitoring

Armstrong Intelligent Monitoring (AIM) model 5100 leverages WirelessHART technology to monitor skin temperature of any vessel, pipe, or equipment. Easy to set up and non-intrusive, the AIM model 5100 is suited for either temporary or permanent monitoring needs.

Read more about Armstrong AIM.


Endress+Hauser WirelessHART Solutions for Process Automation

E+H Wireless HART applicationCarotek offers a range of Endress+Hauser WirelessHART process automation solutions, the easiest upgrade for Endress+Hauser and 3rd party HART devices. Using a WirelessHART Adapter SWA70 and Fieldgate SWG70 allows you to easily integrate legacy and new devices.

E+H’s smart WirelessHART SWA70 interface module for connected field devices is powered by either a battery pack or power supply units. E+H's intelligent WirelessHART Fieldgate SWG70 acts as interface between a system using Ethernet or RS-485 physical layer and WirelessHART network, with either an integral or remote antenna. The SWG70 offers both MODBUS and Ethernet/IP protocols.

Read more about Endress+Hauser.

E+H typical Wireless HART Network



Vanguard Toxic and Combustible Wireless Gas Detector

Vanguard Wireless HART gas detector

Carotek is the exclusive distributor in Virginia representing the unique Vanguard Toxic and Combustible Wireless Gas Detector, manufactured by United Electric Controls.

The UE Vanguard WirelessHART Gas Detector features field interchangeable toxic and combustible gas sensors. Vanguard transmitters are fully interoperable with all WirelessHART networks and asset management systems. Vanguard boasts a heavy duty design and carries Class 1, Div 1 & 2 hazardous location approvals.

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