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Wilden Pump Part Kits - Wet End, Air End & Retrofit

Wilden Repair Kits and Retrofit Part Kits for Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps and Air Distribution Systems (ADS) have been packaged so you can properly maintain the reliability of your Wilden pump, preserving optimal factory performance and factory warranties. 

Wet Kits and Air Kits contain only genuine Wilden parts to factory specifications. Each Wet Kit and Air Kit can be fitted on many Wilden pump models to simplify ordering and reduce the number of kits stocked.  Wilden® Wet and Air Repair Kits for AODD pumps.

  • Cost less than single parts
  • Eliminate duplicate and unneeded parts
  • Streamline ordering
  • Ship faster
  • Are genuine Wilden parts
  • Preserve Wilden factory warranties

Wilden Air KitsWilden Air Kit Pump Parts

  • Replaces the Air Distribution System (ADS) Kit
  • Contains reduced number of parts, including elimination of the air valve assembly and muffler plate
  • All Air Kits include the air valve spool
  • Vacuum-sealed to maintain parts integrity and cleanliness
  • Air Kits ordering requires the following information:
    • ADS model
    • Pump size
    • Pump series/configuration
    • Wetted material
    • Air valve material
    • ADS option

Wilden Wet KitsWilden Wet Kit Pump Parts

  • Replaces the Elastomer Kit
  • Includes only elastomers located on the wet side of the pump – including diaphragms, balls, seats, gaskets and O-rings (if required) – to eliminate part duplication
  • Vacuum-sealed to maintain parts integrity and cleanliness
  • Wet Kit ordering requires only the following information:
    • Pump size
    • Pump series/configuration
    • Wetted material
    • Diaphragm material

Wilden Retrofit Kits allow you to upgrade your existing pumps.  Individual spare parts are available upon request. Genuine Wilden pump parts etend the life of your pumps.

Wilden Diaphragms for Pumps

Wilden Pump Part Installation Repair Videos

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