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Viking Motor Speed Pumps

Viking Motor Speed PumpViking Pump’s motor speed internal gear pumps offer technological advances in the science of flow.  Higher speeds, longer life, easier in-line integrations, and increased adjustment flexibility are just a few of the advantages. Consider the Viking Motor Speed Internal Gear pump over Rotary Vane pumps for longer pump life and less frequent repair cost.  They are recommended for the following applications:

  • Refined fuels – Fuel oils, Biodiesel and Biofuel
  • Oils – Hydraulic, Edible, and Lubrication
  • Chemicals – Solvents, Glycols, and Refrigerants

Viking Motor Speed Pump Features and Specs:

  • Maximum flow of 580 GPM (132 m3/h) provides greater flow than similar sized pumps
  • Reduced footprint for space constrained applications
  • Motor speed operation to 460 GPM (104 m3/h) provides higher value per GPM (m3/h)
  • Ability to operate 50 or 60 Hz synchronous motor speeds eliminates the need for gear reducers or gearmotors, up to 460 GPM reducing the overall cost
  • Viscosity: 28 to 25,000 SSU
  • Pressure: to 250 PSI
  • Temperature: -40 degrees F to +350 degrees F

Viking Motor Speed Pump Advantages:

  1. Expanded feeding area and redesigned head allow for higher speed
  2. Pressure lubricated idler pin and bushing extends life of the pump
  3. Gauge ports easily allow gauges or transducers to be mounted on the pump
  4. One piece casing ensures alignment for maximum bearing and seal life
  5. Sealed ant-friction bearings eliminates the need for lubrication
  6. Threaded one piece bearing housing allows for end clearance adjustment
  7. Flange for motor mounting bracket eliminates the need for drive equipment and provides better unit alignment
  8. Behind the rotor seal means shaft and bearings are not exposed to media
  9. ANSI flanges option enables easy in-line mounting

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 These pumps feature several new techniques:

  • Idler and rotor root feed grooves promote axial feeding of product
  • Liquid directing step reduces turbulence decreasing wear on the pump
  • Modified crescent on pump head boosts radial feeding
  • Casing inlet port geometry has been optimized to allow better flow into the pump
  • Reduced wear on the pump outlast rotary vane pumps in the same application. Less downtime, less repair cost = reduced cost.

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