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Versa-Matic Pumps

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Carotek has recently become the stocking distributor for Versa-Matic in Virginia. For over the past 30 years, Versa-Matic pump brand has become a globally recognized and world class product offering company in the semi-positive displacement pump market.  These dimensionally interchangeable AODD pumps are the first choice in replacement upgrades.  We have an wide range of products with top of the line quality and safety.  Versa-Matic product lines include AODD style pumps, pneumatic and electric portable sump/trash pumps and system accessories.

Benefits of Versa-Matic Pumps:

  • Ease of maintenance
  • Reliable Performance
  • Elimination of Downtime
  • Maximized Pump Performance
  • Global Distribution and Support

Versa-Matic AODD Pumps

  • VersaMatic PumpsClamped metallic (Wilden interchangeable)
  • Bolted metallic (Wilden interchangeable)
  • V-Series Classic Clamped metallic (Wilden interchangeable)
  • Non-metallic bolted
  • High Efficiency
  • FDA Compliant
  • 3A Hygienic
  • High Pressure

Pneumatic and Electric Portable Sump/Trash Pumps

System Accessories

  • Air Filter/Regulators
  • Pulsation dampeners
  • Leak-detection
  • Level controls


These pumps virtually eliminate pumping problems and keeps operations running smoothly.  They are available in a variety of plastic and metal materials.  The sizes range from ¼” to 3”.  Specialty features are available including clamped and bolted design, split manifold and side discharge.


This is an advanced technology for AODD pumps that significantly reduces air consumption over conventional designs.  Air consumption is reduced up to 50%, automatically adapts to process conditions, powered by compressed air, increases productivity, reduces compressor maintenance and optimizes energy and performance.


Ultra-Matic pumps are available in bolted and clamped configurations.  They are designed to eliminate costly air leakage and extend service life and lowers the total cost of ownership.  It is easy to install and maintain.  The pumps features chemical resistant materials to also reduce repair costs and extend the service life.


This is the classic design series of pumps for Versa-Matic.  It has comparable flow ranges and sizes to the other of our pump series. V-series pumps have a different center section and air flow technology.  It can handle infinite variable flows up to 90% solids, is self priming and offers screen mount on aluminum models.

Carotek stocks complete pumps and parts including drop-in replacement pumps/components for Wilden. Request a quote today or order your Versa-Matic pump. 

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