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Tretter Drain & Sampling Valves

Tretter Valves

Carotek represents Tretter Manufacturing in North & South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. Tretter offers a full line of sampling valves, drain valves, polymer valves, diverter and mixing valves and line blinds to support industrial processes.

TMC Valves are a "best in class" valve for the chemical industry, specializing in polymers.  Tretter products are used in a variety of industries with very demanding applications such as process vessels drains, steam lines, loading stations and feed lines to name a few.


Tretter is also a leader in the repair of any manufacturer’s sample or drain valves including Fetterolf, SchuF and Strahman. Tretter can bring your worn valves back to better than new condition with improvement from the original design.  

Contact Carotek or visit our specialty valve page to learn more and let us help you select the specialty valve that will be “the best fit” for your process with the state of the art technology and service from Tretter Manufacturing.

Watch videos on Tretter Drain Valves and Tretter Sampling Valves.


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