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Thermon Heat Tracing Products


Carotek is the authorized manufacturer representative and stocking distributor for Thermon Inc. for North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee. Thermon is the only international heat tracing company that concentrates it efforts exclusively on heat tracing.  Carotek is Thermon's number one distributor in the nation.

Established in 1954, Thermon continues to be an industry leader specializing in heat trace technology. Thermon can supply a complete range of heat tracing products to a full range of industries. Industries served by Thermon for industrial heat tracing needs include pulp and paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, petrochemical, refineries, power, water and wastewater.

Heat Tracing Products

Carotek's technical support team can design complete heat trace systems from freeze protection systems to critical process temperature maintenance systems. Thermon's range of products include:

  • Electric Heat Trace: Self-regulating heat trace BSX, HTSX, VSX; Power Limiting Heat trace cables-HPT; Constant Wattage Heat Trace Cables-FP
  • High Temperature Maintenance Cables: MIQ (Mineral Insulated Cables)
  • Steam Tracing Products: Safetrace, SnapTrace, Heat Transfer Compounds, Thermotube
  • Instrument Tubing Products: Pre-Insulated & Heat Traced Tubing Bundles
  • Tank Heating Solutions
  • Control Panels, temperature controllers and thermostats


Our extensive Thermon inventory includes all major components for electric heat trace and steam trace systems including heat transfer compounds, heat trace wire, freeze protection cable, industrial heating cables.  This allows us to quickly ship materials for customer applications.

Our dedicated staff is available to quote, design and recommend solutions for all your heat trace needs. Together with Thermon we are able to  offer heat trace audits to help you maximize your system efficiency.  To learn more, contact us or visit our Heat Tracing page.

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