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Pressure & Temperature Measurement

Electronic D/P Transmitter

Pressure and Temperature measurement can be found in almost all types of industries from food and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene is of the utmost importance to the chemical, oil and gas and pulp and paper industries where robust reliable instrumentation to suit hazardous conditions are necessary.

Carotek represents Endress+Hauser which offer a complete range of sensors and transmitters for virtually all pressure and temperature applications. Contact the technical applications specialist at Carotek today, to assist in any Pressure and Temperature measurement applications.

Pressure sensors guarantee safety and provide crucial information on the process. For level and flow measurement, pressure and differential pressure measurement is often used. The many uses of pressure measurement make it an important measured variable in process automation.

Industrial Temperature Transmitter

Specific measurement technologies include:

  • Gauge Pressure
  • Absolute Pressure
  • Differential Pressure (Electronic D/P Transmitter)
  • Electronic D/P level utilizing non filled sensing legs
  • Hydrostatic Pressure (level)
  • Flow (Differential Pressure with Orifice Plate or Pitot Tube)

Endress+Hauser provides installation-ready industrial temperature transmitter products to improve the functionality of temperature measurement by increasing accuracy and reliability when compared to direct wired sensors.  Each unit can be configured for a variety of sensor inputs: RTD, thermocouple, millivolt or ohm. All iTEMP® transmitters provide long term stability 0.05% per year.

Transmitter types available:

  • Field Transmitters
  • DIN Rail Mounted Transmitters
  • Head Transmitters

How Can We Help?

No matter what your pressure or temperature control application needs are, Carotek can recommend the appropriate Armstrong or Singer product for your process. Call your Carotek specialist today to get a proposal for your particular requirements. To request a quote it will be helpful to know the following:

  • Process application type i.e. water pressure control, steam pressure control, etc.
  • Maximum and minimum flows
  • Process inlet pressure range
  • Desired downstream pressure

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