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Pressure & Temperature Control Valves

Carotek is a market leader in the application of pressure and temperature controls for water and steam applications. We proudly represent the family of Armstrong International  products for these applications.

Steam Pressure Reduction and Temperature Control

Steam Pressure Reducing Valves

We offer the Armstrong International line of pressure reducing valves (PRV’s) and temperature regulators for Steam, Air and Water applications. The family of products consists of Direct Acting, Internally Piloted Piston-Operated and Externally Piloted styles. The Direct Acting version requires no external sensing lines and has an accuracy of +/- 10%. The Internally Piloted Piston-Operated models also require no external sensing line but are more complex with a separate pilot and main valve. They have an accuracy of +/- 5%. Finally we have the Externally Piloted style valve which requires a sensing line. This gives the unit a higher accuracy at +/- 1%. Armstrong advantages include:

Direct Acting

  • Convoluted phosphorus bronze bellows on direct acting valves for more compact design
  • SS stem and bronze body to minimize galling that occurs in conventional valves
  • Integral mesh strainer
  • Plastic adjustment cap that does not absorb heat allowing set point changes easily
  • Interchangeable range springs for field changeover

Internally Piloted

  • Enclosed spring chambers to eliminate fouling
  • Single seated main valve for dead-end service
  • Main valve and seat are serviceable with the body still in-line
  • Carbon piston rings to minimize seizing / sticking
  • Inlet screen minimizes fouling of the pilot due to dirt

Externally Piloted

  • Ductile Iron body for a wider range of applications with less cost than cast steel
  • Cast mating parts are male/female fit to minimize gasket leaks due to misalignment
  • Interchangeable springs regardless of size for parts optimization
  • Integral and remote pilot options
  • Integral strainer to protect pilot from dirt
  • Easy access to main valve without the need for special tools


How Can We Help?

No matter what your steam control valve needs, Carotek can recommend the appropriate Armstrong valve for your process application. Call your Carotek steam specialist today to get a proposal for your valve requirements. To request a quote it will be helpful to know the following:

  • Process application type i.e. pressure reduction or temperature control
  • Maximum and minimum steam flowrate required
  • Process heating requirements for temperature control applications
  • Inlet steam pressure (and desired outlet pressure for pressure reduction)
  • Inlet and outlet piping size

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