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Personal Care Industry Equipment

cosmetic-processing-equipmentThe personal care industry encompasses a wide variety of products, from cosmetics and beauty products to dental care, soaps, and shampoos. The properties of ingredients in these products vary greatly as well, from abrasives in toothpaste to sticky substances in mascara. Hygiene has long played a crucial role in the manufacturing of personal care products, and evolving FDA regulatory requirements are expected to affect processing in the near future.

Whether manufacturing beauty products, dental care, or shampoo, it’s important to find equipment suited for the application. Let Carotek help with a wide selection of products to meet your exact processing requirements.


Product manufacturers rely on pumps to process, unload, dose, mix, or transfer ingredients or final products. These pumps may need to be shear sensitive, sanitary, resistant to aggressive fluids, precise in dosing, and more. Whatever your process requires, Carotek can help find the right pump solution.

  • Wright Flow pumps provide circumferential piston and rotary lobe pumps. Some pumps offer CIP features to reduce downtime for cleaning. For ultra-hygienic applications, Wright Flow offers EHEDG and 3-A certified pumps.
  • Flotronic, known for the "One-Nut Pump," offers pumping solutions suitable for the personal care industry, engineered with FDA approved materials and full material traceability. Flotronic’s sanitary pumps meet the needs of dental products and others that have hygienic and sanitary requirements.


Customers may not realize the precision that goes into manufacturing cosmetics or soaps, but they have high expectations of quality. Carotek offers instrumentation for applications in personal care manufacturing, including products from these leading manufacturers:

  • Endress+Hauser specializes in high-tech field instruments designed to control automation processes. E+H instrumentation adapts especially well for the industry, allowing manufacturers to monitor critical parameters of a process to maintain consistent batches.
  • K-Patents specializes in in-line liquid measurement of concentration and liquid density. K-Patents refractometers are ideal for processing, where in-line monitoring and control can help to improve product quality and reduce costs. K-Patents Refractometers can enable accurate in-line Brix and concentration measurements and control in the manufacturing processes.
  • Michell offers moisture and humidity measurement solutions for the personal care industry. Michell’s instrumentation includes transmitters, instruments, and system solutions capable of measuring dew-point, humidity, and oxygen.
  • Pepperl+Fuchs supplies explosion protection, batch control automation, and asset management systems that help automate the manufacturing process and validate regulatory directives.
  • Ashcroft provides accurate and hygienic instrumentation. Ashcroft products are used for pressure regulation, pressure control, psi measurement, and temperature monitoring. Ashcroft’s advanced transducers, calibration instruments for in-place calibration and measurement, and all-stainless gauges meet industry requirements.


Personal care product manufacturers require production systems that ensure rapid installation and validation, high productivity, and maximum uptime. That’s true whether you’re manufacturing beauty items or dental products. Carotek can assist with selecting the right valves for a clean, effective, and easily maintained process.

  • SVF provides process ball valves and actuators for process industries. SVF also offers valves that meet some of the specialized needs of manufacturing, like high purity valves to help prevent contamination.
  • DFT is known for silent in-line check valves and severe service control valves. DSV check valves prevent flow reversal in systems and comply with the most stringent cleanliness codes.
  • ASCO manufactures valves ranging from two positions on/off valves to entire flow control solutions, and they are known as a world leader in solenoid valves.
  • Kammer Valves has a solution where perfect cleanliness and sterile valves are required that meet the USDA and 3A requirements and are also  Clean In Place (CIP) and Steam In Place (SIP).
  • Hardy Process Solutions offers weighing instruments, sensors and scales.


Dealing with steam may require pressure controls, temperature controls, condensate pumps, strainers, isolation valves, refrigeration system purgers, and steam filters. Carotek can help you select the right steam products for the personal care industry to help conserve energy and save money.

Armstrong International specializes in thermal utility solutions for energy management issues affecting personal care industry. Steam, air, and hot water solutions can save time and reduce energy consumption, which affects the bottom line. Armstrong steam products measure steam flow, drain liquids from gases, and vent gases from liquids, and Armstrong’s unified steam generators produce clean steam for humidification, sterilization, and manufacturing processes.

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