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Paint & Solvents Equipment

paint-solvents-adhesives-process equipmentThe paint and solvents industry is heavily regulated and increasingly technical, with a demand for more sustainable products, low and solvent-less technologies. There is a similar drive towards environmental regulation in the manufacturing of solvents, adhesives, and glues. Manufacturing processes for all these products continue to evolve due to advances in coatings and technologies, and to meet the changing demands of the market.

Carotek provides pumps for specialized processes for the industries applications. 

Paint & Coatings Pumps

Pumps provide an important function in the manufacture of paint, solvents, adhesives, and glues. The right pump is essential when transferring components from one phase to another, separating waste products, or mixing.

  • Viking Pump products are suitable for many phases of the paints, resins, and coatings process. Universal pumps are ideal for general transfer, reactor feed and discharge, ball mill discharge, and colorant metering. Industrial lobe pumps work best for shear-sensitive latex applications. Viking Pumps supplies other models that work well for solvents.
  • Wilden AODD Pumps are well known for their durability, reliability, energy savings and cost efficiency.  Wilden Pump’s engineered ADS (air distribution system) specifically reduces air consumption in comparison to competitors like Aro, Graco, Finish Thompson & Yamada.

Paint & Solvents Valves

  • Kammer Valves are engineered and manufactured for challenging applications.  Kammer is perfect for custom applications, due to the versatility and interchangeability of the Kammer design.  Over half of all Kammer valves are custom designed, often at no additional cost.
  • Valtek Valves are known for reliability, long life, parts interchangeability, ease of maintenance and prompt delivery.  Valtek's line includes the popular Mark series of linear globe/angle control valves, quarter-turn control, severe service, cavitation control, erosion resistant, high performance, pneumatic actuators, digital and analog positioners.

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