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Murzan Sanitary Pumps - Sanitary Processing Systems

Murzan LogoCarotek is a distributor for Murzan Sanitary Pumps & Systems. Their full line includes:

  • Sanitary Pumps
  • Sanitary Unloading Systems
  • Sanitary Processing Systems

Murzan sanitary pumps are designed to handle thick and viscous products such as tomato paste and peanut butter, shear sensitive products such as lotions and icings, and delicate products such as cottage cheese and yogurts. Our larger pumps can handle large solids at high flow rates like meat, poultry & seafood.  They are portable, durable and versatile.

Murzan pumps meet the CIP/COP cleanability requirements of sanitary manufacturing.  All Murzan pumps and systems have T304 Stainless Steel Tri-Clamp connectors which facilitate total inspection and cleaning of all wetted parts in minutes with no special tools or setup.

Each Murzan pump features a high efficiency, non-lubricated, oil-free air valve, ensuring a sanitary operation.

Every Murzan product is designed to comply with strict regulatory standards.

Murzan Pump Certifications

Murzan pumps and systems are constructed with high quality T304 or T316L stainless steel, capable of resisting corrosion and industrial chemicals effects.  Murzan pumps’ inner and outer surfaces are precisely machined and polished to a high finish to achieve sanitary transfer of product and reduce cross-contamination risk in the plant.


Sanitary Pumps Selection

PI-50 - the only diaphragm pump specifically designed to meet the exact requirements of the sanitary industry. The Murzan PI-50 air-operated double diaphragm pump is built entirely of the highest quality Stainless Steel. The calculated design of the PI-50 allows for easy and complete disassembly to provide total visual inspection of all wetted parts.

Murzan SC (Small Chamber) pump - compact and lightweight, the SC matches the performance of the PI-50, but in a smaller size.  The SC is powerful enough to pump high viscosity products and is easy to disassemble, inspect and clean.

The Murzan LC (Large Chamber) pump - matches performance of the PI-50, but with a larger displacement per stroke. 

The Murzan SBR - The SBR features all the same working components of the PI-50, but with a sanitary sandblasted surface finish, perfect for sanitary applications that are less stringent.  SBR delivers performance and value. 

The Chicken Breast Transfer Unit (CBTU) – This sanitary pump is designed and built specifically for the transfer of poultry products. The high capacity check valves deliver high flow rates while maintaining the integrity of the poultry products such as chicken tenders, fillets and disjointed wings. The CBTU can also be equipped with a custom sanitary hopper.

Murzan PI-50 Pump  Murzan Small Chamber Pump  Murzan Large Chamber Pump  Murzan-SBR-Sanitary-Pump  Murzan-Poultry-Sanitary-Pump 

Sanitary Unloading Systems

Murzan Unloading Systems combine the pumping power of the PI-50 pump with precision motion to easily and efficiently unload all of your sanitary bulk containers. Each unloading system is equipped with the Murzan PI-50 double diaphragm pump along with Murzan stainless steel air cylinders to allow for effortless hands-free control of the unloading process.

All of our unloading systems are equipped with a NEMA 4X Stainless Steel control panel to provide the highest quality automated controls.  The different Murzan Unloading Systems are each built specifically to unload the standard industry containers: the 5 gallon bucket, the 55 gallon drum, mixing bowls and the 300 gallon tote.


Sanitary Processing Systems

When you need a complete Sanitary Processing System, Carotek and Murzan offer Turnkey Solutions for Plant Design & Process Automation.  Our projects range from inline dilution systems to CIP systems to complete Plant Automations.

Murzan-simple-sanitary-processing-system       Murzan-complex-sanitary-processing-system

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