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Macurco Gas & Flame Detection Systems for Industrial and Commercial Operations

Macurco Gas Detection Products

Do you do any gas monitoring?  Carotek is a representative for Macurco Gas Detection Systems in NC, SC, VA, GA, and TN.  Founded in 1972, Macurco Gas Detection has a rich history with gas detection systems.  Their motto says it all, “Gas Detection. It’s What We Do.”

Gas Detection Product Line Overview:

  • Gas detection monitors
  • Products detect these typical gases: Cl2, CO, CO2, Hydrogen, H2S, HF, Methane, NH3, NO, NO2, O2, O3, SO2, SO3
  • Low maintenance, versatile and reliable, as well as cost-effective
  • Available in both wired and wireless systems.
  • Choose from single and dual channel transmitters
  • Every unit tested as system and certified
  • Wired and wireless systems use same transmitters and same functionality
  • Wireless 4 – 20 mA input for other sensors
  • Webserver option on transmitters

 Industries and Applications:

  • Power
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Safety
  • Food / Poultry

Gas Detection Transmitters

Macurco Gas Detection TransmittersMacurco Detection Systems offers Industry proven gas detection transmitters that are rugged and versatile. The transmitters are ready to use in harsh and hazardous environments while providing dual sensing capability and data-logging options. Each transmitter can be configured to meet the demands of any specific industry and are capable of detecting a wide variety of gases safely and effectively.

Data Controllers

Macurco Detection Systems have a variety of detection point controllers offering small to midsize site detection level monitoring and situational alarming. The controllers are easy to configure and setup. They allow for greater data gathering for site analysis and gas detection historical trending. The units accept direct LEL inputs as well as digital, analog and discrete relay connections. 

TXP-WTA Wireless Systems

Macurco TXP-WTA Wireless SystemsMacurco Detection Systems is proud to offer a unique wireless solution for a multitude of detection requirements. Macurco Detection Systems offer Class 1 Division 1, or Division 2 wireless solutions. When a TXP-WTA transmitter is tied with a BF-LINK controller, we can offer a “WiFi” network that can be accessed from any web enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet, pc etc. The network data displayed is “live” and can offer a quick view of developing situations or events before entering a potential hazard. 

Calibration Gases

Macurco Detection Systems has calibration gases for many common gas detection solutions. Our gases are calibrated to strict tolerances and are designed to offer more gas within a smaller sized bottle. This provides more calibrations for an economical price. 

Detailed Industry/Gas type Information

Oil & Gas Upstream
– Wired and wireless CO2, CO, Flame,
Flammable Gases, H2S, SO2
Oil & Gas Mid-Stream
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, H2S, NH3, O2
Oil & Gas Downstream
–CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, H2, H2S, HF, NH3, O2, SO2
– Cl2, CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, HCl, H2S, NH3, SO2
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, H2S, O2
Water and Waste Water Treatment Facilities
– Cl2, CO, Flammable Gases (Methane), H2S,NH3, O2, O3, SO2
Food Processing / Cold Storage
– Cl2, CO, CO2, H2, H2S, NH3, O2
Rendering Facilities
– H2S, NH3, O2
Paper Mills
– Cl2, ClO2, CO, Hydrogen, H2S, SO2
Waste Management
– CO, CO2, Flammable Gases (Methane)
– CO, CO2, Flammable Gases, NH3
Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, H2, NO, NO2,SO2

Aircraft Hangars and Maintenance Facilities
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases
Power Generation
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, H2, NH3, NO2, SO2
Automotive Manufacturing
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, NO, NO2, SO2
Methane Districts
– Flammable Gases (Methane)
General Manufacturing
– CO, CO2, Flame, Flammable Gases, H2, H2S, HCl, HF, NH3, O2, SO2
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, NO2, SO2
Back Up Power Supply Facilities
– H2
– CO, CO2, Flame, Flammable Gases, H2S, O2
Alternative Fuel Fleet Facilities
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, H2
Printing Facilities
– Flame, Flammable Gases (Inks)
Emergency Response / Management
– Cl2, Flammable Gases, HCl, HF, NH3, SO2
Post Office / Shipping Facilities
– CO, Flame, Flammable Gases, NO2, SO2 , Methane
– Flame, Flammable Gases

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