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Evoguard Krones Hygienic Pumps

Evoguard LogoCarotek is an exclusive representative for Krones Evoguard Hygienic & Aseptic Pumps in NC, SC, VA, GA, TNWe offer technical support, pre-sale and post-sale service, as well as in-house and on-site maintenance training.

Evoguard Hygienic Pumps

Evoguard Hygienic PumpIn addition to reliable shut-off and blocking valves, Evoguard also now supplies innovative recirculation pumps that meet the highest requirements for product quality, hygiene and energy costs. Evoguard’s team, combined with Krones' experience with the requirements for components for all industries having hygienic or aseptic process requirements such as beverage grade and food grade, make this a perfect solution for any hygienic production process.

The main requirement to be met by a pump is that the product flows optimally. The new Evoguard series of pumps has precisely designed flow paths that are free of dead spaces. This keeps production stoppages to a minimum and reduces the time and personnel costs required for maintenance and cleaning.

EHEDG Guidelines

Evoguard Hygienic, Centrifugal, single stage, end-suction recirculation pumps are designed according to the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines:

  • Tangential connection – no resistance
  • Optimized hydraulic efficiency thanks to a guiding contour in the housing
  • Impeller made of solid material
  • No return in the housing, and therefore optimized cleaning
  • Motor shaft connected with the impeller by means of hydraulic clamping element
    • Self-centering
    • Easily adjustable gap dimension
    • Easy assembly

Ex certification logoTUV OHSAS18001TUV ISO9001

3A logoeHedg logoASME

Krones states "All Evoguard pumps are designed in accordance with EHEDG guidelines. A low NPSH value and IE3 high-efficiency motors provide outstanding power for low energy consumption. Optimum efficiency and energy savings is attained with precisely calculated housings and impellers and seals designed on the basis of the finite element method (FEM). Extensive testing was carried out on all the components to verify the design. Included among them were the design of the mechanical seals and the blading of the impeller. All the safety-related details were also given special consideration and the design is in accordance with the statutory requirements of EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The design was inspected by the technical inspection agency. This guarantees that production personnel are able to safely handle the pump."

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Evoguard Valves

Carotek represents process critical Evoguard products for for all industries having hygienic or aseptic process requirements such as food grade, beverage grade and pharma/biopharma grade.   View information on Evoguard Valves



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