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Kammer Control Valves

Kammer Valves logoCarotek is a stocking distributor and representative for Kammer Control Valves, a division of Flowserve.  Carotek will stock these valves locally as well as offer local control valve assembly and automation capabilities in NC, SC and VA.  We offer engineering support, technical assessments, reliability services and asset optimization, as well as extensive education – at Carotek offices, Flowserve resource centers, online, or at your facility.

Kammer Linear Globe / Angle Control Valves

Since 1966, Kammer valves have been engineered and manufactured for challenging applications.  Kammer is perfect for custom applications, due to the versatility and interchangeability of the Kammer design.  Over half of all Kammer valves are custom designed, often at no additional cost.

Kammer Linear Globe/ Angle Control Valves are available in several configurations to fit your industry and your application.  Kammer has decades of experience to ensure the best quality valves for your process.  Carotek can help you determine the right valve for your application.  Contact us for brochures and specifications.

Kammer Valve - Small  FlowSmall Flow

These Micro flow and low flow application valves support a Cv range from 0.000063 to 4.7 and feature high range-ability and reproducible trim characteristics.

Lined Flow

Flowserve has a wide range of PFA lined valves to handle corrosive fluids, including both gases and liquids.

Clean Flow

In the food and beverage industry as well as in biotechnology, pharmacy and other areas where perfect cleanliness and sterile valves are required, Flowserve has the solution. Our products meet the USDA and 3A requirements and can be supplied for Clean In Place (CIP) and Steam In Place (SIP).

Cold Flow

Depending on the application, Flowserve cryogenic valves are available with a top entry design for the easy maintenance of valves located in a cold box or with a simple extended bonnet attached to the valve body. By using an extended bonnet, the packing, gaskets and seals are protected from cryogenic temperatures, thus ensuring their sealing properties. Optional special gaskets and packings can be used to operate at temperatures as low as - 69 °C.

Drain Flow

The valves are Compact and lightweight, with a different outlet angle to fit the application.  They feature Seal welded standard construction, and a Seat ring designed to fit tank outlet dimensions.

Hp Flow

These valves are designed for high pressure applications up to 60,000 psi or PN. Additionally, for differential pressure, the HpFlow series offers an axial multi-stage trim design.


Multi-Z Severe Service control valve handles high-pressure drop applications where entrained solids and cavitation are a problem. These are designed for dirty service applications with excessive noise, cavitation, erosion, or high pressure drops.

Kammer Valve - Total FlowTotal Flow

Kammer Valves offer the best high-pressure control valves on the market - with pressure classes up to PN4000 / ANSI Class 4500 and above.


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