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K-Patents Distributor


Carotek is the authorized representative for K-Patents in NC, SC, VA and GA. K-Patents is known worldwide for in-line liquid measurement of concentration and liquid density. K-Patents supplies Process Refractometers that are used in thousands of industrial applications around the world.

K-Patents Process Refractometers are commonly used to determine the concentration of dissolved solids by making an optical measurement of a solution’s refractive index (nD).

  • K-Patents refractometers sensor measures the refractive index nD and the temperature of the process medium. The measurement is based on the refraction of light in the process medium, i.e. the critical angle of refraction using a yellow LED light source with the same avelength (580 nm) as the sodium D line (hence nD.).
  • The output of the transmitter is a 4 to 20mA DC output signal proportional to process solution concentration, liquid density, Brix or other scale that has been selected for the instrument. Process data can also be downloaded to a computer via an Ethernet cable.

Carotek offers K-Patents Refractometers for liquid concentration applications such as:

  • Chemicals and Oils
  • Plastics and Fibers Chemicals and Compounds
  • Pulp and Paper Chemicals
  • Salt and Sodium Compounds
  • Soaps and Detergents
  • Starch Sweeteners
  • Sugars


Our application specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the correct K-Patents system for your particular concentraton measurement needs.  Contact us or visit our Density/Concentration page for more information.

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