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Intellihot Instantaneous Tankless Commercial Water Heaters

Intellihot logoCarotek is the exclusive Intellihot instantaneous gas-fired water heaters distributor in VA.  Carotek offers product sales, local inventory, as well as factory authorized service for Intellihot, the technology leader in this field.  Intellihot tankless water heaters are designed and built entirely in the U.S. 

The tankless water heaters operation is up to 40 percent more energy efficient compared to traditional heating methods. As a result, commercial properties can dramatically minimize the cost of water heating. When savings really matter, these heaters are the smart solution.  These units allow you to conserve space by eliminating the need for redundant heaters/boilers and reducing or eliminating the need for storage tanks.

As building technology keeps evolving, water heating systems have been stuck in the Dark Ages. Intellihot changes that: delivering endless hot water on demand while consuming less space and resources by every measure.

Intellihot Tankless Water Heater Products

iQ Series - Delivering the ultimate in on-demand water-heating capacity.

  • Versatile - Ideal for hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, laundromats and other commercial applications.
  • Economical - Eliminates the need to oversize an installation with redundant equipment.
  • Better ROI - Lower capital and operating costs compared to boilers and tank-style water heaters.
  • Robust - Commercial-grade, expandable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger with proven durability.

Intellihot has created a revolutionary heat exchanger after years of research, that is the best in the industry. At the heart of the heat engine is a single finned stainless coil that is designed to float freely. This unique feature allows for rapid thermal cycles by allowing the coil to expand or contract.

IQ series tankless commercial water heaters

Cold water enters the coil at the bottom and is carefully heated to the correct temperature before emerging at the top, ready for use. The modulating premix burner fires radially outwards to precisely match the load. By condensing the flue gas, we’re able to absorb 12% more heat than in other models. The condensate flows downwards in the same direction as the flue gas, thereby preventing any gas side fouling. Flue gases move downwards to the bottom casting while water flows in the opposite direction, collecting maximum heat along the way.

Using patented vibration and turbulent flow technology, the heat exchangers possess the unique ability of being “Self-descaling,” keeping lime scale in suspension and ensuring years of like new operation. These features and many others can be found in our line of Intelligent water heaters – only from Intellihot.

Masterless Cascading Ensures Zero Downtime - All of our commercial hybrid water heaters can be cascaded for increased capacity. And yet each one operates autonomously. This means cascaded units do not require a master controller (the kind that causes a single-point failure).

With Intellihot’s patented design, each unit has enough internal intelligence to perform independently. In fact, if any one unit needs to be checked or serviced, the cascade will continue to function smoothly to ensure continuous hot water.

We offer six iQ Series models:

  • iQ3001, which delivers 3 million BTUs
  • iQ2001, which delivers 2 million BTUs
  • iQ1501, which delivers 1.5 million BTU,
  • iQ1001, which delivers 1 million BTUs
  • iQ751, which delivers 751,000 BTUs
  • iQ251, which delivers 251,000 BTUs


Intellihot Neuron Water HeaterNeuron - The Perfect Drop-in Solution to go Tankless

When space and cost are important deciding factors, you can count on our Neuron Series units for superior performance and reliability.  Ideal for commercial applications, our tankless water heaters provide 94% thermal efficiency and are constructed for maximum durability – even in the most demanding commercial applications.

  • Drop-In Replacement - With similarly located water in and out for easy hook up, replace typical tank units in a flash.
  • Built-In Redundancy - Installed with two separate "independently controlled" heat engines.
  • Direct Cell-LTE Connectivity - Remotely access and monitor, no need for your building’s Wi-Fi.
  • Mitigate Legionella Risk - With no storage tanks there’s less risk for Legionella growth.


telliBot - Transform Your Water Heater

TelliBot is not only a state-of-the-art, IoT and Wi-Fi enabled, smart condensate neutralizer, it can also “smartify” your boiler room through robotic controls that transform every water heater or boiler into a smart device.

  • Monitor the boiler or water heater supply/return temperatures.
  • Notifies the user of any water leaks in the boiler room or condensate back ups.
  • Notifies the user of any gas or carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Prevent corrosion damage - Notifies the user when it is time to replace the neutralizer media.


Intellihot deionized water heateri Series - i200 and i250

You can count on superior performance and reliability with the i200 and i250 tankless water heaters. Designed to be your commercial “workhorses,” these units are ideal for highly variable applications using potable hot water. Each is engineered with minimal components to maximize durability—even in the most demanding commercial applications.

  • Versatile - Ideal for hotels, schools, hospitals, restaurants, laundromats and other commercial applications.
  • Capable - Specially designed for heavy-duty commercial applications with built-in redundancy for less maintenance.
  • Robust - Lower capital and operating costs compared to boilers and tank-style water heaters.
  • Better ROI - Commercial-grade, expandable 316L stainless steel heat exchanger with proven durability.

Deionized - iQ251D

Industrial environments demand rugged, deionized-water heaters. Built for tight spaces and tough conditions, the iQ251D is the most compact and only gas-fired deionized tankless water heater on the market. Count on this unit to deliver efficient, consistent, durable performance in diverse applications—industrial finishing/cleaning; electronic parts fabrications; food processing; water purification; reverse osmosis systems; as well as the aerospace, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and glass industries.

  • Green - Fully condensing, 96% efficiency, no 24/7 energy waste with tank standby losses.
  • Fully Warranted - An industry-best 10-year commercial HX warranty.
  • Robust - Withstands highly corrosive deionized water.
  • Best ROI - Uses natural gas, which lowers operating costs vs. electric water heaters.


telliCare -  Proactively Monitor and Control Units Remotely

Intellihot Tellicare


telliCare is a Wi-Fi enabled, prognostics and predictive maintenance service for Intellihot’s Gen II iQ tankless water heaters. This pre-installed service allows your Intellihot water heaters to be monitored and controlled remotely or onsite through an app on your mobile device. As part of your telliCare plan, you get the following benefits:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring - With telliCare your units will be monitored 24/7/365 by factory personnel, and should any problems arise, they can take appropriate action remotely.
  • Free Parts - We proactively monitor the wear and tear of parts and ship you those parts ahead of time, so that you can schedule service. You can rest assured that your system will always be kept in like new condition.
  • Notifications - telliCare monitors various parameters and sends appropriate notifications alerting of potential issues. These notifications can be delegated to the approriate maintenance person or contracting company.
  • Automatic firmware updates - With telliCare your unit will be kept updated with the latest software and updates.
  • Prognostics and Predictive Analytics - our advanced predictive analytics make these reports available on your mobile device.
    • BTUs, Firing Rate, and Flue Gases - We monitor the BTUs generated by your water heaters on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
    • Temperature Monitoring - We monitor the inlet/outlet temperatures of the water being heated.
    • Flow Rates - We monitor your flow rates on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
    • Longevity of parts - We monitor the longevity of the parts in your units and based on their remaining life, we predict when replacement parts will be needed.

How does remote water heater monitoring work?

The Intellihot unit connects to the Intellihot cloud via the building’s wi-fi router or Intellihot’s 4G/LTE hub and sends its monitoring data to the cloud. The user opens the telliCare app on their mobile device, and the app on their device accesses the Intellihot cloud through which the user can access all the monitoring data for their units.


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