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Accredited Instrument Calibration Services

on-site instrumentation calibration

Carotek, as an Endress+Hauser authorized service partner, offers a range of instrumentation calibration services to ensure that your systems are set up correctly before startup.  We also offer on-site adjustments on a periodic basis to ensure system stability and optimal up-time.

Accredited Calibration

Mobile-Instrument-Calibration-RigInstrumentation that controls critical processes needs regular checking, validation and calibration.  Carotek offers fast cost-effective service that is traceable, accredited through Endress+Hauser and includes your calibration certificates to satisfy all necessary authorities.  Endress+Hauser Accredited Calibration service according to ISO17025, applies to any manufacturer’s instruments – in the field or in the lab.  Whether you need pressure, analytical, temperature or flow calibration, we can help.  All tests are traceable to national and international standards. This means you are guaranteed the highest level of service.                     Certified Technician

Instrumentation Calibration is an important part of your maintenance planning.  Cycles should be planned for dates convenient for production processes so coordination of calibration equipment availability and expert staff can occur.  Certified staff is highly trained and specialize in calibration, which assures you of the highest quality results and saves you time.   Read our latest blog on best practices for calibration.

As a leading distributor or instrumentation, pumps, valves and steam/air/hydronics, if we discover problems, we can quickly and efficiently adjust, repair or replace the faulty equipment. Our specialists have the necessary skills and equipment to calibrate all makes of instruments.

Industry-Specific Instrumentation Calibration Services 

Carotek offers industry-specific Instrumentation Calibration Services for Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Environmental, Power, Personal Care and more. The Endress+Hauser chart below outlines some of the options available.



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