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HydroVision Acoustic Flow Measurement

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Carotek is the authorized representative for HydroVision Instrumentation in NC, SC, GA, VA and TN.  HydroVision is an International company specializing in acoustic flow measurement, the latest technology that is truly state of the art.  No matter where you need to measure discharge – open channels, partially filled or full pipes, or in non-contact applications, they have the right flow measurement product. 

How does Acoustic Flow Measurement Work?

When sound propagates through water, pressure fluctuations can be detected. They travel through the water, the channel or the pipe as sound waves. With HydroVision instrumentation it is possible to record these ultrasound waves.

Depending on the measurement technique applied, HydroVision ?instruments detect the Transit Time with and against the flow direction. Some other applications use the Pulse Doppler effect to record the change of the wave length reflected by a particle in the flow.

Industries served include Water Power, Waste Water, Water Supply, Hydrology and Industrial. 

Products include:  

  • Fluvius TThydrovision-weknowflow
  • Kanalis TT
  • Kanalis TT MT
  • Ductus TT
  • Ductus TT COHP
  • ReVision®
  • Q-Eye PSC
  • Q-Eye PSC MT
  • Q-Eye M II
  • Q-Eye M III
  • Q-Eye Radar MT
  • AquaProfiler® MT
  • AquaProfiler® stationary
  • AquaProfiler®-M
  • AquaProfiler®-M PRO
  • SediScat®
  • Software Q

With a comprehensive range of products and solutions, Carotek and HydroVision can determine flow in various applications. Accuracy and reliability are given top priority. HydroVision instrumentation owe their quality to rigorous testing under laboratory conditions and their continuous development. They are not satisfied until their flow measurement products meet the required accuracy under real field conditions.

Hydrovision Flow MeasurementHydroVision’s broad knowledge in the area of acoustic flow measurement is reflected in the product range for standard applications. It becomes even more apparent when complex tasks have to be solved.  Carotek and HydroVision are committed in equal measure to consulting, delivery quality, service and support.

Contact Carotek for our assistance in your next water flow measurement instrumentation project for the municipal water and wastewater industry.

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