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Hot Water Generation & Mixing

Carotek has been supplying Industrial and Commercial customers needs for hot water generation, mixing and control for over 15 years. Through our partnership with Armstrong International, Carotek is proud to offer state of the art digital and mechanical water control technology that gives unprecedented temperature control to the user.

Carotek is your single-source for industrial hot water generators, control and hot water mixing valves. These fine products offer the highest level of control, reliability and safety available today. 

Complete Thermal Exchange Instantaneous Gas Fired Water HeatersIndustrial Hot Water Generators

  • The Armstrong International Flo-Direct® CTE gas fired water heaters for industrial water heating applications
  • 99.7% efficiency rating
  • CTE technology avoids direct flame quenching resulting in complete energy transfer at all times without the negative side effects of competitive units 
  • Meets USFDA bottle drinking water standards


Steam to Water Instantaneous Hot Water HeatersIndustrial Hot Water Generators

  • Armstrong Digital-Flo® HT for high temperature industrial hot water heating and Digital-Flo® for lower temperature commercial application
  • Using constant pressure steam preventing system stall with no pump trap
  • +/- 2 deg. F temperature control
  • Multiple BAS interface protocols are available including Bacnet™, LonWorks™ and Modbus among others
  • Maintains temperatures above Legionella survival temperature

Industrial Digital Hot Water Mixing ValvesEmech_cmyk_2013

  • Emech™ patented digital control valves from Armstrong International for 3-way mixing and 2-way control
  • High speed 100% duty cycle stepper motor for rapid closed-loop response
  • Embedded PID control  

Commercial Digital Hot Water Mixing ValvesHot Water Mixing Valves

  • The Brain® Digital Recirculation Technology (DRV) featuring the DRV40 and DRV80 mixing valves by Armstrong International 
  • +/- 2 deg. F temperature control
  • Multiple BAS interface protocols
  • The Brain® family of products meets ASSE 1017 and have a hot water sanitizing mode for Legionella control

ANSI Z358.1-2009 Thermostatic Mixing Valves

  • Armstrong Z358 thermostatic mixing valves for temperature control to Emergency Fixtures
  • Designed to comply with ANSI standard Z358.1-2009

Boiler Water to Water Instantaneous Hot Water Heaters

  • Featuring Armstrong International’s The Brain® digital recirculation valve technology
  • Quick response times with precise temperature control
  • Compact design using plate and frame heat exchangers

Steam & Water Hose Stations

  • Hot Water Mixing ValvesSteamix® Steam & Water hose stations from Armstrong
  • Featuring the unique fail cold system that will not allow dangerous live steam to pass

Water & Cold Water Hose Stations

  • ArmstrongRada 320 Water & Cold Water hose stations
  • Built-in adjustable temperature limit stop
  • Thermal shutdown capable to protect to operator in case of inlet supply failure
  • Will hold temperature to +/- 2 degrees F with inlet pressure/temperature changes 

How Can We Help?

No matter what your hot water heating or mixing application needs are, Carotek can recommend the appropriate Armstrong product for your process. Call your Carotek steam specialist today to get a proposal for your hot water heating requirements. To request a quote it will be helpful to know the following:

  • Process application i.e. point-of-use or recirculated
  • Maximum water flowrate
  • Inlet and desired outlet water temperature
  • Water pressure
  • Natural gas or steam fired
  • Steam pressure available

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