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Industrial Filtration

Filtration processes have many applications in industry, but all have one thing in common: filtration is used to isolate solids or remove impurities suspended in a fluid. In most cases, filters are not reusable. Although pipeline strainers are a type of filtration that serves a similar function to industrial filters, filters are generally more complex solutions used for smaller particle sizes.

Types of Filter Media

Two general types of media are used in filtration: a surface filter or a depth filter.

  • A surface filter refers to a solid sieve that traps particles, and it may or may not involve filter paper. Surface filters are used to collect solid particles intact, such as when there is a reuse for the particles.
  • A depth filter refers to a bed of granules that retains any solid particles that pass. With a depth filter, the collected particles are not separated and intact, so there can be no reuse, but these types of filters are often less prone to clogging due to a greater surface area. Especially when particle size is small, a disposable depth filter can be an easy and economical solution.

When filter media are cleaned, some methods require rinsing with detergents or solvents. However, most industrial applications involve backwashing, or reversing flow and pumping the fluid backwards through the filter media.

Eaton tubular backwashing filtersOften controls are used to set the backwash cycle to run under the right conditions, like when differential pressure (head loss) is greater than a certain value, when the turbidity is greater than a preset guideline, or after a set time interval. To eliminate the need for backwashing, some applications employ point of suction backwashing, and these “self-cleaning” screen filters allow screen cleaning without interruption of the system’s flow.

Flow through a filter is maintained by a difference in pressure – from the high pressure side to the low pressure side. Although gravity filtration is one way to achieve flow, most industrial applications use pumps for greater efficiency, also allowing filters to be mounted horizontally.

Leading Filtration Solutions

Filtration System

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Eaton Filtration

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