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Processing Equipment for Energy & Utilities

Throughout the power industry, it's important to reduce maintenance issues, avoid outages and shutdowns, and avoid downtime and interruptions in energy production. Safe, efficient energy production and delivery are paramount, whether you’re dealing with nuclear power, geothermal power, or any other traditional or renewable source.

power-industry-equipmentIn coal fired power plants, many existing facilities require upgrades to keep output consistently high or to meet stricter emissions standards and avoid EPA penalties. All types of power generation and utilities are challenged to manage operations more safely and efficiently.

Carotek can help ensure your instrumentation, pumps, valves, and steam products work with your system to maximize efficiency and lower emissions. Carotek engineers keep these requirements in mind when assisting with energy and utilities equipment selection and design. When you need help selecting and purchasing the right energy and utilities equipment, contact us, and let our sales engineers recommend the right solution to meet your exact specifications.

Learn more about Carotek’s broad selection of process equipment for the chemical industry:

  • Pumps
  • Instrumentation
  • Valves
  • Steam/Air/Hydronics

Energy & Utilities Pumps

Pumps to help maintain the highest level of availability and reliability across the industry:

  • Sulzer serves a wide segment of the energy and utilities industry, including biomass and waste power, geothermal power, hydropower, wind power, solar power, and nuclear power generation.  Sulzer pumps are used for carbon capture applications requiring high pressure and are also used for biomass treatment islands. Sulzer pumps include Boiler Feed Water Pumps (BFP), Condensate Extraction Pumps (CEP), Cooling Water Pumps (CWP), fuel injection pumps, NOx abatement pumps, make-up, and other auxiliary pump services.
  • PumpWorks provides centrifugal process pumps for power generation and the oil and gas industry. These pumps are involved in general service water, waste water transfer, auxiliary liquid transfer, water supply and transfer, and waste treatment.

Energy & Utilities Instrumentation

Energy generation and management require accurate instrumentation for measuring and controlling pressure, steam, heat, levels, and more, often in demanding environments. Carotek offers specialized instrumentation to meet your process needs as well as comply with environmental protection.

  • Endress+Hauser provides an extensive range of instrumentation for safe, sustainable, efficient energy production and delivery. E+H instrumentation provides access to reliable process data and cutting-edge knowledge to give you greater control, particularly in steam production operations. Operating costs can be reduced by optimizing boiler cost through to the consuming units. E+H provides reliable and accurate measuring and monitoring solutions to improve the overall steam management, as well as boiler operation and management. E+H also supplies a range of solutions for combined cycle gas turbine power plants.
  • Thermon provides heat tracing instrumentation for the energy industry. For the solar power industry, Thermon provides heating cable and a full range of heat trace technologies for each phase of the process.
  • Pepperl+Fuchs provides sensors for the extreme performance, durability, and reliability needs of the renewable energy industry, including wind power, solar power, and more. P+H also offers explosion protection for coal fired power plants, nuclear power plants, and other safety critical applications.
  • Ashcroft supplies advanced pressure measurement instrumentation, including pressure gauges and switches resistant to corrosion. Explosion proof pressure switches serve the safety needs of hazardous environments, including nuclear power plants. Ashcroft offers advanced pressure gauges to monitor and control boiler pressure, even in extreme conditions, and a range of thermowell options to ensure system operation.
  • Eurotherm offers process controllers and sensors to monitor and control pressure and temperature levels that are crucial to safe, repeatable, and high quality products.
  • Clark-Reliance supplies solutions for level indication and control, sightflow indication, filtration and separation.

Energy & Utilities Valves

In this application, valves are key to controlling the flow of fluids and gases throughout each process.

  • DeZURIK provides a full range of valves, including knife gate valves, butterfly valves, rotary control valves, air valves, and surge relief valves.
  • SVF Flow Controls manufactures a range of ball valves, actuators, and controls.
  • Flowserve offers a variety of valves to serve many energy and utilities applications, including nuclear power, combined cycle gas turbine plants, concentrated solar power, biomass and MSW, and geothermal power.  Valtek & Kammer offer severe service valves.
  • Kammer Valves are engineered and manufactured for challenging applications.  Kammer is perfect for custom applications, due to the versatility and interchangeability of the Kammer design.  Over half of all Kammer valves are custom designed, often at no additional cost.
  • Valtek Valves are known for reliability, long life, parts interchangeability, ease of maintenance and prompt delivery.  Valtek's line includes the popular Mark series of linear globe/angle control valves, quarter-turn control, severe service, cavitation control, erosion resistant, high performance, pneumatic actuators, digital and analog positioners.
  • DFT is known for their silent in-line check valves and severe service control valves. DSV check valves prevent flow reversal in systems and alleviate system surge when discharging boilers, pumps, and compressors. Silent check valves and severe service control valves can regulate system conditions in high pressure steam and water lines.
  • Hardy Process Solutions offers weighing instruments, sensors and scales.
  • QTRCO provides stainless steel and ductile iron high performance actuators. For the oil and gas industry, QTRCO offers valves that are fully submersible and well suited even for the harsh conditions on offshore vessels, in stainless steel materials for corrosion resistance.
  • Tretter (TMC) supplies drain valves to help with mixing and plugging issues, and sampling valves for injection, venting, draining, kill valves, and sampling.

Energy & Utilities Steam

Steam plays a vital role in the transfer of energy. Choosing the right steam equipment can help increase efficiency and maximize the safety and lifespan of a boiler unit and other equipment. Carotek works with top steam product manufacturers to provide effective solutions.

  • Armstrong International provides steam traps, strainers, vents, and related steam specialty products to the energy industry. Armstrong’s offerings also include steam flow measurement products and stainless steel boiler air preheaters.
  • Armstrong VERIS offers differential pressure flowmeter technology to accurately measure the flow of liquid, gas, or steam. VERIS is the industry leader in engineering and manufacturing special designs, extra-large pipes and ducts, underground installations, prefabricated spool sections, and partial inserts to sense half of the velocity profile for hot taps. VERIS products are used to provide accurate and reliable flow measurements and are designed to perform maintenance-free.

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