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EIM Distributor


EIM has manufactured high quality valve actuators since 1949 and is represented by Carotek in the municipal market for the states of North and South Carolina.

Carotek provides the full line of EIM actuators:

  • Electric Actuators
  • Electronic Actuators
  • Manual Actuators

Standard Features of EIM actuators include:

  • Fully compliant to AWWA specifications
  • Non-intrusive designs
  • Declutchable Manual overrides as standard
  • Single and three phase AC and 24 volt DC actuators
  • Battery back-up systems
  • Up-to 150,000ft/lbs of torque
  • Digital network Systems:EIM actuator
    • Controlinc
    • Foundation Fieldbus
    • Profibus DP with RedCom
    • Device Net
    • Modbus RTU
    • Ethernet TCP/IP

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