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Water Hammer Prevention Valves

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Since 1943 DFT® Inc. has been preventing water hammer with our world class, in-line, axial flow, nozzle style silent check valves and severe service control valves.  Carotek and DFT have worked together  for over 10 years to solve check valve problems and prevent check valve failures. We specialize to meet your unique customer requirements for in-line check valves as opposed to simply meeting line size. In some applications,  a few custom adjustments have improved performance and extended the service life exponentially. Carotek has technically trained staff that can provide application knowledge and problem solving solutions and covers the territories of NC, SC, VA, TN. DFT®'s silent check valves are famous worldwide for excellent water hammer prevention.

Primary features:

  • Designed to prevent "water hammer"
  • Designed to open at approximately 0.5 psi differential pressure and fully open at 1.0 psi differential pressure.
  • Can be installed in any position.
  • MSS SP 126-2000 Steel In-line Spring-Assisted Center Guided Check Valves Standard.
  • API 6D – Pipeline Valves.
  • API 6FD – Fire Test for GLC® Check Valves.
  • Meets or exceeds MSS SP-61 leakage requirements.
  • Available with soft seats for bubble-tight shutoff.
  • Dual guided stem.
  • Custom sizing available.
  • Pulse-Damping Design – PDC®
  • Liquids, gas or steam.
  • NACE standards, MR0178 or MR0103.
  • Maintenance and Installation guides available for all DFT® in-line check valves.


dft silent check valveWe offer:

·         Excalibur® NAB Silent Check Valves-1

·         GLC® NAB Silent Check Valves-2

·         Flanged Check Valves-3

·         Wafer Check Valves-4

·         Threaded Check Valves-5

·         Y-CaliburTM Silent Check Valves-6

·         Vacuum Breaker-7

·         Restrictor Check Valves-8


Download the DFT Valve Sizing Selection Guide

Download the DFT Valve Water Hammer Ebook 


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