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Commercial Building Operations Equipment Solutions & Systems

commercial building facilities management equipmentEach commercial project and each building has its own challenges, so selecting the right system components and sizing them correctly can make all the difference in the efficiency of the entire building. Buildings can conserve energy by employing the right heating, air conditioning, building water supply, and hot water recirculation.

Contact Carotek to assist in your new commercial projects. Carotek can help optimize your current system, assist with repairing a building’s pressure boosting system, or provide steam audits to increase your energy savings.

Carotek works with leading companies to provide commercial solutions:

  • Armstrong International is a manufacturer of intelligent system solutions for steam, commercial air conditioning and hot water systems. Armstrong offers steam traps, condensate recovery equipment, strainers, pressure reducing valves, coils, hot water packages, steam separators, air vents, mixing valves, and hose stations. In addition, Armstrong’s flow measurement products offer the latest differential pressure flowmeter technology, and Armstrong’s Digital Flo Semi-Instantaneous water heaters are ideal for commercial buildings where you need instant hot water on-demand.
  • Grundfos offers a full range of pump solutions from heating and cooling to pressure boosting, as well as other applications. Grundfos pumping solutions boost performance and reduce energy consumption, enabling a more efficient system. For heating and cooling, Grundfos makes variable frequency converters to accurately control hydronic systems and allow the pump system to adapt continuously to system demands.
  • Amtrol supplies surge suppressors, wet pipe sprinkler system expansion tanks, thermal and hydronic expansion tanks, well tanks, air separators, air vents, air purgers, water heaters, and buffer tanks. Amtrol invented the thermal expansion tank to help control pressure in closed, portable, commercial hot water systems. This eliminates pressure relief valve discharge, saves energy and helps protect expensive hot water heater systems. Amtrol also offers indirect-fired water heater models with large heat exchangers and storage capacities.

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